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    Xerox Phaser 6120 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, July 17, 9:29:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-07-17T16:29:14Z
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    Printer Driver Download Xerox Phaser 6120

    Xerox Phaser 6120 Printer Driver Download. The printer Xerox Phaser 6120 relates to compact models and it weighs only 20 kg. Of course, compared with jet models or the more sublimation it looks, to put it mildly, a tank, but we must not forget that the Phaser 6120 a color laser printer. So compared with color models office he really compact, so that it can raise one person. To accommodate this printer in the office do not need to look for a special "red corner", it is enough to be a small bedside table, in fact, that is how he is placed in us during the test. All ports for the power cord, USB, parallel, and the Ethernet located at its side, in a special shallow niche.

    Driver Download Xerox Phaser 6120 Printer Installer
    On the left side, below, is the power-on button. The controls are focused in the right side of the front panel of the printer. There is also a monochrome LCD display showing two lines large font. Below the display are plotted symbols Toner yellow, cyan, magenta and black. In standby mode, the printer on the display, just above these tags, shows the number of each toner cartridge. The main governing body in 4-way button Menu navipad confirmation middle. He is responsible for menu navigation and selection. Above it are two LED-indicator, the green circle indicates the printer is ready for operation, red in the form of lightning, error. Under there is a red button to cancel the job. Management Phaser 6120 is arranged clearly and concisely.

    Xerox Phaser 6120 Driver Printer Download

    Xerox Phaser 6120 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Xerox Phaser 6120 Download
    Folding tray at the bottom front of the printer can accommodate up to 200 sheets of paper. A larger tray 500 sheet only available option. Do not be surprised at the many small capacity tray and it's still a budget printer designed for use at home or in small working groups. An output tray located at the top. All four cartridges at the same drum for them is the imaging unit. Replacing consumables is fast and for a start it is necessary to choose from the menu the desired cartridge, the drum is rotated so that it was convenient to get. You can then open the top cover and replace the cartridge. The procedure is no more complicated than other laser printers.

    Driver Printer Download Xerox Phaser 6120
    The Xerox Phaser 6120 printer allows you to print the menu map to make it easier to navigate. Unfortunately, the menu does not support some language, but Russian language instruction is written in sufficient detail. The Xerox Phaser 6120 printer is equipped with a 300 MHz processor and memory module 128 MB can be set further 20-gigabyte hard drive. Duplex printing is supported, but you need to install the appropriate module in the basic version it is not. This Xerox Phaser 6120 printer menu allows you to set the paper size choose from the list or set manually for non-standard materials. The same can be done through the driver.

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