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    Canon imageCLASS D1350 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, August 18, 11:50:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-19T06:50:04Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Canon imageCLASS D1350

    Canon imageCLASS D1350 Printer Driver Download. The Canon imageCLASS D1350 set-up does not require any manual. The menu is logical, so no questions remain open. The printing speed is extremely high, the print image is very clean. Also when scanning an extremely good picture. The noise when printing very quietly. Any time. To put it right in advance: This Canon imageCLASS D1350 is a pure black / white printer and thus probably more suitable for users who have to print many invoices, offers, lists and longer texts. Also the location should be well chosen, because the device is with a width of 44cm, a depth of 43cm and a height of 49cm definitely no dwarf! Included in the scope of supply are the following: power cable, installation and software on CD toner cartridge.

    Driver Download Canon imageCLASS D1350 Printer Installer
    To connect the Canon imageCLASS D1350 printer you have the choice between USB or network cable neither the one but the other was attached to the printer. I thought this was a bit disappointing! The setup of the printer on Window 7 worked but perfectly and was self-explanatory. The primary aspect of such a model of the upper price league is, of course, primarily the print image and the printing speed. Here the Canon imageCLASS D1350 shows that it is worth with money. Printed is very sharp image and the announced 35 pages per minute he also creates without problems. By the way, I had never had any paper jams with this model so far, which speaks for a good processing quality of the installed parts.

    Canon imageCLASS D1350 Driver Download
    Canon imageCLASS D1350 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon imageCLASS D1350 Download
    Of course, the Canon can also print on both sides. Since this Canon imageCLASS D1350 printer is aimed more to commercial users and will certainly also be used in office, I should probably also say something to the noise. Even under full load the device is pleasantly quiet and does not distract even in the immediate proximity of the seat in any way. A feature that is also useful for many potential prospects is the built-in color scanner. I have scanned some photos test and I am also here by the brilliance and the speed of the scanner quite done. The Canon imageCLASS D1350 operation is carried out via a modern LCD touch display, which is pleasantly tidy and clearly structured and also reacts precisely to touch. Conclusion: The excellent print image, the high speed, the low noise level and the very clean processing definitely speak for the Canon imageCLASS D1350. "Printers" should be in any case a closer look, unless you put on color prints no higher value.

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