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    Canon Maxify MB5160 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, August 13, 8:22:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-14T03:22:49Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Canon Maxify MB5160

    Canon Maxify MB5160 Printer Driver Download. The  Canon Maxify MB5160 printer   is primarily a one-page low cost and double-sided scan option. Models of the MAXIFY series look like laser printers. The similarity is not only visual. Multifunctional devices in this series also feature advanced printing and scanning capabilities. The MAXIFY MB5160 has, for example, a two-sided scan option. In addition, I can use it to automatically  print two-sided. Compared to its predecessor MB5060, the device has a larger touch screen and more network features. With Canon Maxify MB5160 Ink Cartridges The Canon MAXIFY MB5160 has greatly enhanced networking features. This way I can easily print all types of files and scan to mobile devices. Integration with the cloud is also invaluable. If you store files on virtual disks in services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, OneDrive and Concur, you can now print files from this Canon Maxify MB5160 without any problem. In addition, you can also scan and save documents.

    Driver Download Canon Maxify MB5160 Printer Installer
    The model is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, but for printing from eg a laptop you do not need to connect to the internet. There is an additional access point mode in the model. All these features can be operated intuitively with the large 3.5 "touch screen display. Working with the Canon MAXIFY MB5160 is very comfortable. Large automatic feeder capable of holding up to 50 documents. Canon Maxify MB5160 has been optimized for print speed. It is not surprising, therefore, that the "performance" it gets gets impressed. Approximate first page print time in standby mode is 6 seconds and 7 seconds color time. I can also be pleased with the speed of multi-page documents. The Canon Maxify MB5160 printer can print up to 24 documents in monochrome and 15 files in color mode per minute. When it comes to print features, Canon has already accustomed us to the high quality of its equipment. The fact that it works fast does not affect the print parameters. Fonts have excellent readability. In graphics and images I get vibrant, vibrant colors. The CISS system  for the Canon Maxify MB5160 will save up to 90% of your printing costs.

    Canon Maxify MB5160 Review & Driver Download
    Canon Maxify MB5160 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Maxify MB5160 Download
    The operating costs remain low both ink and electricity. For ink, the cost per page is reduced by using optional XL cartridges. Standard black ink cartridges deliver 2500 pages at a time, and color cartridges are at 1500 pages (ISO standard). And that means that the cost of one page's prints fluctuates within 5 cents in black and white and about 15 cents in color pages. Canon Maxify MB5160 is also a high speed scanner, copier and fax. Fast scanning is possible with one-pass duplex scanning. Files with a resolution of 200 dpi are scanned at 23 images per minute for both monochrome and color options. The copier is equipped with an automatic paper feeder as well. With it, I am able to get 11 color copies and up to 22 monochrome per minute. In addition, of course, I can scale documents in the 25-400% range, as well as copy without a frame or duplicate several pages on one sheet. Extensive features are also included in the fax, which has up to 250 numbers of memory, as well as a speed dial option, In which you can save 100 items. Overall this Canon Maxify MB5160 is a fast and efficient device, whose advantages include Automatic two-sided printing and scanning, and extensive network functions. And most importantly, it's a relatively cheap device in operation. And that makes it is a cheap office worker who will be a great alternative to laser printers.

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