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    Canon Pixma MG2510 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, August 28, 2:17:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-28T09:17:38Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Canon Pixma MG2510

    Canon Pixma MG2510 Printer Driver Download. If you do not have a USB cable, please do not forget to buy one. The WLAN has not the Canon Pixma MG2510 printer, for me in this case become painful. This Canon Pixma MG2510 printer is white, but does not have this typical "kitchen box" design, from previous generations. Actually, it looks pretty chic and requires a relatively small footprint for a Canon printer. The control panel is clearly structured and clearly explained in the operating instructions. The Canon Pixma MG2510 printer is quickly ready for commissioning with the enclosed instructions. The Canon Pixma MG2510 driver setup under Windows 7, is by means of the enclosed driver CD and has run with me without problems. Nice are the software Goodies, where you can create eg picture collages. On Ubuntu 12.04, you can download the necessary printer and scanner drivers directly at Canon.

    Driver Download Canon Pixma MG2510 Printer Installer
    Just choose Linux as the operating system. Then download the necessary drivers, unpack them and install them either in the console or via the software center. In order to avoid having to call up the scanner program and the GUI for the scanner every time in the console, use the scangear command to create a shortcut on the desktop. If you want to combine several PDF files into one PDF file, I recommend the program pdfsam od another, which can be used to merge the individually scanned PDF files into one. This is required under Ubuntu and Windows 7. The Canon Pixma MG2510 printer has the following nice features: Quiet Mode: period where it prints slower, but softer. Automatic switching off after a predefined period of time (15min, 30min, 60min and even longer possible). The printed image is very beautiful, the printer has an acceptable volume level even though there are certainly quieter models.

    Canon Pixma MG2510 Driver Download
    Canon Pixma MG2510 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG2510 Download
    The Canon Pixma MG2510 printer is quite fast when printing or scanning, if you leave the default settings.In Windows, there is also a copy function, where you can create either black and white or color copies at the push of a button. The printer cartridges are currently only available from Canon. Used are CL545 (Black) and CL546 (Color) there are also 545XL and 546XL for that, but in Austria at the time of my evaluation, at no dealer available. (Not listed) and I can recommend this Canon Pixma MG2510 printer absolutely positive. Very good support also for Linux, on the part of Canon. (Scanning and printing, no Image Garden) also reliable working animal, without too much frills. This is times a multifunction printer as it should be. The cartridges are printed to the last drop. With others, the half is already close and you have to make new pure although actually still color had been present. However, you have to be careful during the Canon Pixma MG2510 installation, the ink support is not installed with. Because then all printers only eat original cartridges.

    DOWNLOAD DRIVER (All Canon printer drivers and software from Official Source):
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