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    Canon Pixma MX531 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, August 17, 8:01:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-17T15:01:09Z
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    Printer Driver Download Canon Pixma MX531

    Canon Pixma MX531 Printer Driver Download. So, now the 2nd experiment with a multifunction printer. As a replacement for grandmother's defective device which lasted exactly 2 years. I'd rather have bought everything separately but she wanted it again so. Simple commissioning under XP (yes, I know, but does not hang on the net) and until now it runs. The only thing that does not interfere is that he only 2 cartridges takes, speak 1x black and 1x color and not 5 separate and the somewhat cumbersome insertion of the cartridges. For the price is but I think ok. The Canon Pixma MX531 printer works very well and the setup is very easy. Printer unpacked and after 10 minutes I come with all devices in the household (laptop, tablet and smartphones) problem-free and easy to print.

    Driver Download Canon Pixma MX531 Printer Installer
    If this Canon Pixma MX531 printer remains switched on daily, he does not take any more print orders so it is better if the device switches off overnight. The printing is very fast and the quality is great. As the fax goes I have however not yet tried. So, everything is perfect, especially the wireless function is great and you can save yourself a cable! Very good for the house use. I am fully satisfied makes everything as it should be set up was also fully easy again and again this brand had never problems. The printer was delivered on time, the Canon Pixma MX531 driver installation was easy thanks to the good instructions. Unfortunately, the connection cable between printer and laptop was missing! Luckily I had the cable of the previous printer. Is it normal that you supply the printer without this cable? There were only two cables: the power cable and probably the cable for fax use.

    Canon Pixma MX531 Driver Download
    Canon Pixma MX531 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX531 Download
    For this price, the device is an absolute purchase recommendation. Sure, no high-end printer, but he does not want to be. This makes everything what it should, and with very simple usability. Also the processing convinces. Particularly noteworthy is the document feed as well as the duplex printing. All in all, the five stars are more than deserved. The negative recessions I can not understand. Surely in most cases, a setting thing. Fast, quiet, very good quality and super price. True quite large, but these features, such as duplex no wonder. The only drawback is the description to Bluetooth, because this printer does not! The Canon Pixma MX531 printer prints quickly and reliably. The result is convincing (among other things, I have printed our wedding wallpaper ourselves, which has become very good). Unfortunately no duplex move, but that was clear before purchase. If you do not need this, you have a very good device to choose from. Overall, the Canon Pixma MX531 is a very successful product with many functions and settings. For technically untalented customers, especially for fax settings, I recommend the manufacturer to provide a manual with font and image clarification.

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