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    Epson L385 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, August 30, 2:41:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-08-30T09:41:14Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Epson L385

    Epson L385 Printer Driver Download. Can multifunction devices be interesting? Until recently, I thought it was completely impossible. But I was surprised. At just over two weeks I came to the Epson printer model L385 with constant ink supply. This means releasing problematic cartridges and any inconvenience associated with them. Finally, you use as much ink as you put in the printer, no less and of course no more. Since time immemorial, the purchase of a printer involved estimating the costs of subsequent cartridges, as well as checking that the manufacturer of the device is OK if the life of the cartridge. It was not uncommon for these cartridges to be included in the "starter kit" to be considerably larger than those purchased afterwards. For the Epson L385 printer we are happy with the removable ink cartridges, and welcome to the printer's permanent supply of ink. When the ink finishes, it should simply be added to the appropriate tank. This solution is much more convenient for the user, more ink will fit in the device, and he is sure that after every "refilling" prints exactly the same number of sheets. I'm skipping the problematic sometimes looking for matching cartridges.

    In the starter kit, the manufacturer delivers a complete set of carcass for all chambers. The fully refined ITS system allows you to print up to  13,000 mono pages and 6500 pages in color. If you manage to use this stock, buying a full set of Epson L385 ink cartridges costs, about a hundred zlotys. It is easy to calculate that the cost of printing a single sheet of paper in mono is roughly less than one penny, and for color less than 2 grams. You have to admit, the Epson L385 is an extremely economical printer. The Epson L385 printer is simply a multifunction device for home use. In spite of the clearly defined purpose of the equipment by the manufacturer, there is no objection that this device is also an important part of a small office, however, where quite a lot of documents are printed. The Epson L385 printer and scanner with copier functionality are traditionally available to users. In addition, the hardware can be connected to a local area network so that you can use your device with computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    Driver Download Epson L385 Printer Installer
    To configure your printer for a local area network, either the WPS protocol is supported by the router (one click can pre-configure the printer on the network), or the communication cable connected to the computer. And here the important information and this cable is not included with the device and you have to make it separately. If you already have it, you need to support a special wizard and configure the connected printer. The Epson L385 printer has a very high working culture. When printing is extremely quiet and does not generate unpleasant clicks. Mono print in standard quality takes about 2, 3 seconds. It is a bit different in the case of colored documents with a lot of detailed graphics or with all the pictures. And how does print quality look like?

    I was really surprised. This was true for both printed graphics and plain text documents. It's hard to give in a text review, but I could not find jagged fonts, imprinted prints, or any artifacts after printing the content. Duplex printing takes place in a very ingenious way, the device first prints the other side, and then after the rolls all the pages are manually rolled, the first prints. This allows a very convenient printout of documents where both sides are required. I was also surprised by the scanner, which unmistakably captured all the details on a sheet of paper, and will successfully be used as an input device, eg for the OCR system. I have to praise the scanner in this printer for the reasonable speed with which the operation is carried out. Even with very high quality settings, it does not take too long. Similarly to copying, even after duplicating the copy, the quality remained at a very high level. Micro Piezo technology from Epson is on the way. It consists of "firing" ink from the piezoelectric head, which supports such crystalline properties. Under the influence of electrical voltage, the piezoelectric material deforms and squeezes out the ink from the chamber.

    Review Epson L385 & Driver Download

    Epson L385 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson L385 Download
    This allows for a very precise printout of ink on a sheet. The absolute hit for me is the print mode of 10 x 15 centimeters. Included with this device I received a Glossy Photo Paper sheet from Epson, especially prepared just for printing high quality photos. All you have to do is change the print settings in Windows (format and paper) to enjoy photo-like moments just as if you were just a photographer. Making such prints took up with the Epson L385 a bit more time (about 1.5 minutes), but definitely worth it. Epson L385 is also network printing and an interesting mobile application. With the Epson iPrint mobile application, you can easily upload documents and photos to your printer for printing. In addition, you can also control printer functions and perform scans, check ink levels in ITS tanks, and perform maintenance. Very nice application functionality is the ability to purchase ink with a few clicks.

    Using iPrint greatly simplifies the use of this all-in-one and definitely recommends this variant. And it was from the iPrint application that I managed to make spectacular prints of photos that I hid in my library. The program when sending files to the printer buffer properly defined their format and without interfering with it, adjusted to the best settings. After a few minutes I had already printed photos on Glossy Photo Paper and these had already landed on a special cork board. The Epson is proudly defending the position of this type of device on the market. ITS-based convenience, very low operating costs and excellent quality of the operation are great assets. Add a very good mobile app to this and get a great multifunction device not only for home but also for a small office. I would like to find the defects of this device, but I just can not. For such a price (about 700 gold) and such possibilities, I do not even have the right to complain about the Epson L385 printer.

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