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    Sharp AL-2021 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, September 4, 7:53:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-09-04T14:53:40Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Printer Driver Download Sharp AL-2021

    Sharp AL-2021 Printer Driver Download. I bought this Sharp AL-2021 a multi-function device as a copier for smaller orders (up to 35 pieces) and intermediate copies, and I am very satisfied with it so far.
    The warm-up time is slightly longer than the indicated 8 sec, but only by a few seconds. The control panel is clearly laid out with meaningful symbols so that the basic operation (number of copies, changing the feed slot from paper cassette to single sheet feed) is easy to carry out without reference in the manual. Even technically unimaginative employees have a brief briefing.

    Driver Download Sharp AL-2021 Printer Installer
    The Sharp AL-2021 is also equipped with a USB port so it can also be used as a scanner and printer for the PC and Mac OS. A driver CD (PC and Mac) and a manual on CD is enclosed. The operation on the PC, however, I have not yet tried. I can recommend the device for the above-described tasks. PS- a compatible toner cartridge is available for € 70-80, it should hold about 4000 pages (not tried yet). The original sound costs almost twice as much. But sometimes I had massive problems with the compatible toners. You have to buy extra chips, so that the device accepts the toner change and after a short time there were problems with error messages. After cleaning the toner cartridges, it was only about 20 copies to the next error message.

    Sharp AL-2021 Driver Download

    Sharp AL-2021 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Sharp AL-2021 Download
    Now I bought an original toner and since then the device works again problem-free. So I guess from compatible toners! The compact, powerful AL-2021 printer is ideal for small offices and home offices. This versatile desktop device is ideal for all smaller print, copy and scan jobs. The AL-2021 operates at a printing speed of 20 ppm, with the first copy time being only 8 seconds. For a device of this size, the paper capacity of 300 sheets (standard) is excellent (including 50 sheets over the semi-magazine). The Sharp AL-2021 has been equipped with the electronic sorting function so that your printouts are output in an orderly manner.

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