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    HP Photosmart B109a Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, November 1, 8:09:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-11-02T03:09:11Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    HP Photosmart B109a Free Driver Download

    HP Photosmart B109a Printer Driver Download. As an admittedly large HP friend, I bought the HP Photosmart B109a as a gift. In addition to the various functions such as printing, scanning and copying I had convinced in the selection of the integrated display and the separate chamber system for the cartridges, so each color in a separate cartridge. The unpacking, preparation and connection went very smoothly, as the supplied CD provides an installation wizard with videos and detailed and comprehensible instructions. What annoyed something, but was the extremely long installation time of the actual software, ie drivers and utilities who has some idea of ​​computers, knows what HP there because everything pushes on the computer, a custom or custom installation is not provided. When after 30 minutes the whole set-up process was finished, it was time for the first set-up and the first functional tests.

    Driver Download HP Photosmart B109a Printer Installer
    Unfortunately, the HP Photosmart B109a is disappointing when I look at everything from the perspective of my parents. The basic functions, so simply print or copy work in principle without problems but as soon as you want to influence exactly what this HP Photosmart B109a should do, you have to know something technical terms, so the OMA test is not passed. Specifically, it is about the setting of preferred scan format, so PDF or JPG and how to deal with white surfaces (scan with or cut off). By default, white surfaces are simply cropped and saved as JPG, which only makes sense in the rarest of cases, especially if there are bright details on the white surfaces that should actually be scanned. These are simply cut off and that is annoying. The integrated display and the card reader (SD, MS, MMC) make life easier.

    HP Photosmart B109a Drivers Download
    HP Photosmart B109a Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP Photosmart B109a Download
    For most tasks, not even a PC needs to run. Simply take the memory out of the camera, insert it, select and print the image or insert a document, press the Scan button and save to the SD card. The supplied printing tool is again comprehensible and yet comprehensive, various printing options for different paper types and formats make life really easy. Oh, the print quality white for home use to convince, text documents are sharp and easy to read (unfortunately no automatic duplex printing), photos are on a corresponding paper not to be distinguished from normal prints and here is the separate chamber system its strengths. With different black cartridges, the HP Photosmart supports either optimal document printing or brilliant photo printing. And for a better overview again the most important HP Photosmart B109a details at a glance: Functional, diversity + integrated display, integrated card reader with separately replaceable ink cartridges and print speed and quality, workmanship and optics, price-to-wire ratio with dimensions (needs some space on or under the desk) also configuration (beyond the standard setup).

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