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    Epson B310N Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, December 25, 8:33:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-12-25T16:33:48Z
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    Epson B310N Driver

    Epson B310N Printer Driver Download. The Epson B-310N is basically just the smaller brother of the also announced in spring 2010 by Epson B510DN. The inkjet output for both corporate and departmental inkjet printers is likely to be nearly identical, except that the B-310N is designed for a lower monthly volume (10,000 instead of 20,000 pages) and duplex printing is optional. But even the smaller brother should, as Epson announces, also come out big, because he shares with the B-510DN the two outstanding advantages: low printing costs and a high printing speed. Especially in terms of printing costs, both printers should reach a new level of quality, as Epson emphasizes. For the B-310N, the manufacturer announces page prices for color printing, which are approximately at the level of a laser printer. In contrast to the B-510DN, however, no XL cartridges are available for the B-310N.

    Driver Download Epson B310N Printer Installer
    The mileage of standard cartridges amounts to 3,000 / 3,500 pages. Exceptionally high are the information on the printing speed. Even if it's just draft mode, 37 pages in color and b / w are enormous. In the "professional mode" it should still be 19 pages and the testers will guard with eagle eyes on whether the ink jet is actually able to perform this performance. Network capability (Ethernet) and optional duplex printing are just as much a part of the comfort features of the B-310N as the abundance of paper stock (two 650-sheet paper cassettes). The price of the B-310N is about half of that of the B-510DN: The inkjet will cost around 315 euros and already available since March 2010.

    Epson B310N Drivers Download
    Epson B310N Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson B310N Download
    I bought this Epson B310N printer for my diploma thesis, after I had asked what a color print of my work in three copies in the copy shop would have cost. Since I was with this printer in purchase and printing at the same price and can deduct the same from the taxes and especially then continue to use it. Meanwhile, Epson B310N runs with me for over a year, and the black cartridge is only good half empty! Unbelievable how much this printer prints per charge! You really can not print cheaper! The Epson B310N driver setup went perfectly smooth on Mac OS and PC. The typeface is good, the workmanship is good, the power consumption in standby mode is very good and yes, the design takes some getting used to, but hey, it's a work tool! And yes, he is not a photo printer! If you really need a pure photo printer, you prefer to buy a specialized photo printer. Anyone who wants to print a photo and has no highest claims, but can do so with the B-310N. So, as an office printer unreservedly recommended! Excellent!

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