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    Epson B500DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, December 25, 8:41:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2017-12-25T16:41:18Z
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    Epson B500DN Driver

    Epson B500DN Printer Driver Download. The Epson B500DN printer is always on with me. Since it is connected as a network printer and I like working in the evening from the living room with the notebook, the box runs 24 hours a day. On off and on it can not be that the device lately approved very many cleanings. The printer then pauses for a two-page print job (invoices) ever a minute between the pages in which he is self-employed. The ink levels of the NEW cartridges have already dropped far below expectation black is after 1000 pages only at 70%. This results in a page performance of just over 3000 pages compared to the manufacturer of 8000 pages. Cyan, magenta and yellow are consumed by about 40% after 1000 pages, that would be just under 2500 pages reach, although the cartridges should each hold 7000 pages! Very extreme cleaning unit which is already used to 60% after 2200 pages! That's equivalent to a range of 5500 pages instead of the 35,000 pages Epson indicates! The HP Officejet Pro K5400 is much closer to the manufacturer's specifications. This of course changes the price ratio enormously in favor of the HP device. Currently I print double-sided flyers for a customer and manually because it's faster. I print the first page with the HP K5400 and the second with the Epson. I do this because the Epson has a standing rear paper feed and therefore feeds the already one-sided paper better than the HP from its lower paper tray. However, this Epson B500DN has on the right side a rubberized feed roller leaves a dirty abrasion on the top of each leaf. So the prints are useless for me! Interestingly, you can not see this impression on photo paper, only if you use plain paper.

    Driver Download Epson B500DN Printer Installer
    Overall, my enthusiasm for the device has dropped significantly due to these quirks. What brings a 2nd indentation when it pollutes the paper? What do the big tanks do when the printer uses half the ink for self-cleaning? Since the B-500DN brought me no notable advantages to my K5400 with CISS, I had the printer for a long time only in the office. Since then, the Epson B500DN printer was unused in the basement (on eBay gabs no 100, - € for it and otherwise I had no use). Such an expensive device but wants to be used. That's why I ordered a magenta ink cartridge from my wholesaler in September because it was empty. After 3 weeks (!) Non-availability I also ordered a magenta cartridge from another wholesaler. Neither of the two distributors was able to supply a magenta cartridge within 8 weeks, so the printer was unusable during this time. (The low-level cartridges were available but much more expensive than the HC cartridges.) After 8 weeks, I came up with the idea to order the cartridge directly from Epson. The ink was available and here 2 days later. But after that I did not have much time and so today I have just gotten the printer back to the office. I'm pretty sure that at least the black cartridge was more than half full when I decommissioned the printer in March. also the other cartridges were at least half full (except magenta, which was empty). At startup, the pressure was extremely streaky and I thought the long storage would have hurt the printer. But a cleaning run was sufficient and the Epson B500DN printer was there as new. That's a good achievement.

    Epson B500DN Drivers Download
    Epson B500DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson B500DN Download
    I am not sure if I have used one cartridge per color or already 2, but even if it was only one cartridge at a time, the range is extremely lower than stated by the manufacturer: The black cartridge should hold 8000 pages, at me is the range far below 50% (first equipment allegedly about 2000 pages + HC black with 8000 pages, no 5000 pages printed). After I finally got the magenta cartridge and installed it, the printer today has 60 pages printed and is back: Exchange Maintenance Tank - which should hold 35,000 pages and for me no 5000 pages! Either my test device is defective or the consumables are extremely expensive and the range information completely wrong. Interesting in the fact that I have with CISS with the K5400 a consumption of approx. 60ml black per 1000 sides, in the Epson cartridge should be 200ml, that would be in comparison a range of 5000 sides, inclusive of the starter cartridge would come approximately, the information from Epson are but twice! In addition, with standard print settings, there is still a misalignment between the print lines. Bidirectional printing does not seem to work correctly on my review unit, but it is noticeably slower with the "fast" print turned off. And the greasers on the rear fed paper he still makes. After a break of 8 months, the printer has printed for 1 hour and I have to see where I get such a maintenance tank. A mail to Epson if everything is normal is on the way, the first mail from 24.9.2008 is still not answered. That's not fun!

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