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    Brother MFC-J4625DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, January 12, 10:48:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-01-13T06:48:00Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother MFC-J4625DW Driver

    Brother MFC-J4625DW Printer Driver Download. The Brother MFC-J4625DW printer works quite well, but the touchpad is very sensitive, you often land somewhere else than you wanted. But you can click on the PC in the overview and also select there what you want, even the device is easier on the PC. In normal printing, it is quite loud, but you can make it quieter, because he needs only a little longer to print. Brother MFC-J4625DW prints very fast, it's faster than our old brother. Even duplex printing is within a short time and works well. What it does not like, when the PC goes into standby mode during printing, it stops and starts again from the beginning, if you operate the PC again. Too bad, the old printer did not have that, could receive everything, save and also print when the PC was in standby. The print is ok, clean and fine. Pictures are good, without stripes, but of course not to compare with normal, because the color does not fit 100%.

    Driver Download Brother MFC-J4625DW Printer Installer
    This Brother MFC-J4625DW scan and copy works fine. He can receive faxes in standby, there are no problems here either. On the box a second black free cartridge was promised, which was missing from us. The Brother MFC-J4625DW printer meets my requirements and I am very satisfied! There are prints when printing pictures, because it lacks the depth of field! I have the printer for over a year now in use and are very satisfied. Do everything he should, the print quality is great. Very good is the possibility to print A3. However, a bit cumbersome because you have to open a flap at the back and then insert the A3 paper extra. But since we do not need that very well. As I said, this option is a highlight of the printer. Operation is very well done via the front touch screen.

    Brother MFC-J4625DW Drivers Download

    Brother MFC-J4625DW Driver Download

    Download Brother MFC-J4625DW Printer Driver
    A very good device, easy installation with very good instructions made easy. Loading software requires a bit more time as the latest printer software is downloaded from the internet. From me only 4 stars although the printer would have deserved the 5 stars, since the first delivery did not arrive. The seller has acted very quickly and sent me within two days a new printer. I have selected the Brother MFC-J4625DW printer due to the various functions such as two-sided printing, the possibility of DIN A 3 printing and the usual functions fax, scan, copy and stop printing. Overall, the printer meets the expectations set in it and I am fully satisfied with the acquisition. I'm very satisfied! All functions are very easy to perform. Brother MFC-J4625DW driver installation was very easy without prior knowledge of me. Excellent!

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