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    HP PageWide Pro 772dn Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, January 22, 7:31:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-01-23T03:31:06Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    HP PageWide Pro 772dn Driver

    HP PageWide Pro 772dn Printer Driver Download. I own the HP PageWide Pro 772dn now since a few weeks and would like to comment briefly on the experience gained so far, which are mostly very good. I deliberately refrain from paying attention to every detail, but only focus on aspects that I have particularly noticed. Before connecting the HP PageWide Pro 772dn to the mains, it is important to remove all transport locks. These are located at various points on and in the printer in the form of blue adhesive strips. Here you should take some time and conscientiously look for the tape. An overlooked, non-removed shipping lock may cause this HP PageWide Pro 772dn to refuse service. If it helps, I counted 15 strips of adhesive. The HP PageWide Pro 772dn driver installation process is quick and easy thanks to a well-done, step-by-step on-screen explanation and simply insert the supplied CD and follow the instructions on the screen. At this point it is also necessary to decide how this HP PageWide Pro 772dn should be reached later by the respective computer: via LAN, or via USB cable. The same procedure is done on all other computers, which should later be able to access the HP PageWide Pro 772dn printer. In our household HP PageWide Pro 772dn is operated in a LAN net; the integration into it was done without problems directly from the printer.

    Driver Download HP PageWide Pro 772dn Printer Installer

    The HP PageWide Pro 772dn does its job very well as a multifunction device. He masters all disciplines well to very well. It wakes up very quickly from standby during a print job and executes the print job quickly. So far, the printing unit is essentially no cause for criticism. The print quality of text documents on plain paper is fine, but can not compete with a laser printer. All lines of tables are straight and without "staircase effect" on paper. The duplex unit for automatic double-sided printing of the paper performs its work reliably and so far without paper jam. A highlight of the HP PageWide Pro 772dn is undoubtedly the photo print. Here was a wow effect! I never thought that with a normal home-use printer, you could make photo prints of such top quality. The prints are completely convincing: Color rendering, color intensity, contrast and resolution are in my opinion in no way inferior to a "real" photo from the laboratory (I'm not a photo expert!).

    HP PageWide Pro 772dn Drivers Download

    HP PageWide Pro 772dn Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP PageWide Pro 772dn Download
    Also impressive is the speed with which the HP PageWide Pro 772dn prints a 10x15 photo: in less than 1 minute the photo is ready. I have used the photo paper 300g / m² glossy for the previous photo printouts and thus achieved great results. I really like the scanner functionality: Both from the computer (via the supplied or the Windows own scan program) as well as directly from the HP PageWide Pro 772dn to the computer or into the network scan processes can easily trigger. Gladly and frequently used is the function "(PDF)", which can be selected in the menu via the touch screen of the HP PageWide Pro 772dn and produces a very good scan result with a very small file size. The quality of the scan results I call very good. Both text documents and photos are razor-sharp and scanned with authentic colors. The scanning process is quick. For home use or for the small office absolutely convincing! The HP PageWide Pro 772dn scanner is fully duplex capable; the pages loaded in the document feeder can be automatically scanned on both sides.

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