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    Canon iR ADV C355P Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, February 2, 8:42:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-03T04:42:48Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Canon imageRunner Advance C355P Driver

    Canon iR ADV C355P Printer Driver Download. One decides here for a device in the high price segment and may therefore not expect outstanding top quality. Sure, the thing is made of plastic and it's something that roars, especially with the initializer. It does not really bother me. As an occasional user who prints out 2 pages of correspondence or copies or scans 3 originals, I am completely satisfied with the Canon iR ADV C355P print quality, speed and handling. The Canon iR ADV C355P printer offers me exactly the bread and butter solution I need. And in a solid manner, I think. But you also have to be clear that you pay the device not only on the purchase price, but later on the cartridges, where a set of black + color costs more than half of the device purchase price. But that's not just with Canon in general and this Canon iR ADV C355P in particular, but also with the competition. For this I deduct a star (which I deducted for the same reason synonymous with any other device). Stay 4 stars for otherwise solid performance and quality.

    Driver Download Canon iR ADV C355P Printer Installer
    The Canon iR ADV C355P printer is highly recommended after initial printing, copies, and scans for occasional printers. One should, however, be aware when purchasing that it is somewhat Spartan equipped (eg only one color cartridge instead of several separate, as it is standard with better photo printers). What I had not noticed before is that there is only one paper feed tray. This is not directly apparent from the pictures. The USB cable is not included (as with all other printers). Noises when printing and scanning are ok. The whole thing does not seem wobbly to me. As always with Canon, the software is simple and intuitive. The online manual gives everything necessary. CONCLUSION: For people who need the multifunction device mainly for black and white and occasional prints and scans Canon iR ADV C355P is well suited.

    Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355P Drivers Download
    Canon iR ADV C355P Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355P Download
    Because I can no longer use my old printer (no USB port), something new had come forth. For a PC newbie, finding a job is not an easy task with such a huge offer. After reading a lot of negative as well as positive reviews of different devices, I came across this Canon iR ADV C355P Multifunctions. Unfortunately, I was already so confused by the negative assessment that I decided to take this device only after 3 days. Therefore, I am all the more pleased that this device, despite poor judgment, works as it should. Copying, printing and scanning works great. Also, the installation is simple and takes a maximum of 20 minutes. When the leaves are being laid, they also come out straight and the paper output tray opens by itself when printed sheets are ready and do not fall off. But for everyone will probably be the most interesting that the ink cartridges are not expensive. Canon ink cartridge black, pigmented for about 220 pages at Amazon 13.74 Euro. All in all, a great device for little money.

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