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    Canon Pixma TS6150 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, February 26, 8:49:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-26T16:49:33Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    Canon Pixma TS6150 Driver

    Canon Pixma TS6150 Printer Driver Download. With its angular and glossy design, the PIXMA TS6050 printer resembles the other models of the series even if it also has some ergonomic specificities. The control panel includes for example the same screen as the TS5050 except that it is here touch, like that of the TS8060. No need for directional cross for navigation, therefore. Just slide in the menus. This is all the more simple as they are organized clearly and according to the needs (Copy, Scan, Print), while the parameters are always accessible at the bottom. Buttons are still provided for the back and the home screen on the left, where is also the start button, while shortcuts can launch copies in black and white or color quickly on the right. The assembly is symmetrically disposed on a pivoting block to allow easy reading of the screen while reducing the bulk when the printer is not used.

    Canon Pixma TS6150 Printer Installer
    It will be necessary to raise it to print, since it blocks otherwise the exit of the paper, on a retractable tank. Another allows to load a ream just below, but only in A4, B5, A5 or letter format. Envelopes and photo paper will be loaded from the top, on an almost vertical rail and again retractable, which also accepts other formats. Canon has therefore opted for two entries, which is quite rare and will juggle as many formats without having to change the paper each time. The printer automatically chooses the right one, provided that they are well informed in the parameters, but a confirmation is automatically requested after each loading. Impossible to forget, therefore. Another good point for this Canon Pixma TS6150 printer, it can print on both sides automatically. It's a bit long, but it saves paper. It also incorporates a scanner, to scan documents or photocopy them, under the cover on the top.

    Canon Pixma TS6150 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma TS6150 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS6150 Download
    To change the ink, it is finally the whole of the upper block that will lift, with the possibility of using the notches provided on each side. The cartridges are automatically centered at the opening for easy access, and here there are five: magenta, yellow, cyan and black for color printing, and a black cartridge of greater capacity for printing. shades of grey. We will appreciate not having to replace all the colors as soon as one is exhausted, on the connection side, finally, the PIXMA TS5060 does not come with any cables except for the power supply to be plugged in behind, but a USB Type-B socket is present, just above that. Canon therefore favors Wi-Fi, on the home network or live. It is obviously in the first case to connect the printer to the box of the house and in the other, to a device without having to go through the box. In both cases, the setting is fast and did not have any problem during our tests, either on the side of the printer or the devices we connected to it. The drivers are installed almost automatically for native print clients (mac OS and Android tested), but Canon also offers its software on most media. They have the advantage of giving access to the scanner as a bonus.

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