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    Canon Pixma TS9040 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, February 24, 7:44:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-24T15:44:01Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    Canon Pixma TS9040 Review & Driver

    Canon Pixma TS9040 Printer Driver Download. Canon PIXMA TS9040 printer is a maximum home printing capabilities. Slowly, but surely we got to the most advanced model of the new Canon PIXMA TS series. In this part, we will consider in detail the MFPs TS9040 printer, which, against the background of its counterparts, is the most functional. The advantages of the older model I noticed right away, as soon as I got it out of the box. TS9040 really looks very elegant. The flagship of the series immediately wanted to put in a prominent place. The materials of the Canon PIXMA TS9040 are very reasonable. The top cover and the front panel are glossy, and the sides and the back are made of matte plastic. In my opinion, this is a successful combination of beauty and practicality. In the lower left corner of the front panel, the MFP has an SD card slot. Above, in the middle of the movable control panel, is a touch-sensitive LCD display. Its diagonal - 12.6 cm - is not only the largest among the brothers in the series, but also surpasses the screens of many smartphones. Even my iPhone 4S looks modest on its background. Navigate through the menu conveniently. Navigation is carried out by touching the screen, without any delay. So changing any device configuration will take no more than a couple of minutes. All menu items and virtual keys look large, it is impossible to miss. To prepare the MFP for printing, it took me literally a couple of moments.

    The output tray is fully automated and pops up automatically after sending the file to the printer. The paper feed trays for the Canon PIXMA TS9040 are two, each for its type of printing. For office paper, use the tray located under the front panel. It holds about 100 A4 sheets. It also assumes to insert a special guide if you want to print something on the CD-ROM. The photo paper is loaded in the output tray on the rear panel. Its volume is slightly less, but it is designed to work with paper of much higher density. Among the six individual TS9040 cartridges are the colors of the standard CMYK palette (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), an additional gray for improved transmission of details in the shadows, and a black pigment dye (for printing text documents). For the Canon PIXMA TS9040 to work, you can also activate a special quiet mode, but the printer will not sound completely silent anyway. When this mode is activated, only the on / off function will be available on the device, whereas when setting the mode from the computer, you can set the time interval during which the MFP itself switches to a quieter operation. Now let's look at the quality of the print. As expected, the older model in the series, it has Canon PIXMA TS9040 at altitude. The size of the drop is only 1 picolitre, and the print resolution is 9600 dpi. Even when you look at the photo closely, you will hardly be able to see the microdrops.

    Canon Pixma TS9040 Printer Installer
    Pay attention to how Canon PIXMA TS9040 passed the detail of the brickwork in the lower left part of the frame. Even on a flat sheet of paper, it looks very large and does not yield to its digital copy. Work on the details really failed five points! Well, the live impression looks even more impressive. Color rendering is also a strong point of the Canon PIXMA TS9040. The colors look juicy, variably, just barely different from the original image on the monitor screen. At the same time, note that the result is also influenced by the paper used. It is best to select it for each particular picture. Canon PIXMA TS9040 printer is like all models of the series, has extensive wireless capabilities. There are built-in Wi-Fi and NFC modules, support for printing not only from PCs, but also from mobile devices. The MFP also integrates AirPrint protocol support, which means that for printing from my iPhone, you do not even need to download anything from applications. A couple of presses and the file is sent to print. But to take advantage of all the features of the device, you will have to download the mobile application Canon Print. It is free, there will not be much space in the phone's memory. With it, advanced printing and scanning capabilities will be available. In fact, you can manage the MFP from the phone, as if you controlled it with the built-in LCD display. In the latter case, you do not even need to connect a smartphone for printing.

    Canon Pixma TS9040 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma TS9040 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS9040 Download
    The Canon Pixma TS9040 MFP manages to work with cloud services directly through the Internet connection and print documents and pictures from there. Working with the cloud Canon PIXMA TS9040 is able not only to perform printing, but also to scan documents. By entering the account data of one of the services, you can send the digitized document to the online store. And when you connect a mobile phone, you will be able to save the scan and its memory. And the choice is offered at once two formats - JPEG and PDF. The formats supported by the printer do not end there. Among them are also TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP. In short, a set for all occasions. However, for this already have to use the computer and work through the scanning program. Canon Pixma TS9040 comes bundled with the device and offers us a variety of settings: from selecting the scanning resolution (from 75 to 1200 dpi) to automatically extract the images. The last option was especially useful for me. I appreciated it in the case when I decided to digitize my home photo archive. In one pass of the scanner, I saved several photo scans at once, and all as separate files. What really distinguishes the Canon PIXMA TS9040 among its colleagues is the ability to apply filters to images before printing. There are nine effects in total, which can be selected before sending the file to print. It is especially convenient that an original and modified photo is displayed simultaneously. In this way, you can visually assess the changes and understand how suitable they are for a particular snapshot.

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