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    Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, February 15, 1:48:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-15T09:48:28Z
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    Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver

    Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung MultiXpress K3300 driver installation went straightaway and connection to the wireless also made on the first try. Device uses 2.4 GHz WLAN. I wanted a single device for printing (duplex), copying, faxing and scanning. There it is! This Samsung MultiXpress K3300 printer meets all my requirements, even surpassing them. Prints quickly and perfectly, scans impeccably, copies, pulls several sheets in one go. It works like a big man, I use it in my office. I am more than happy. I was skeptical at first if that would work, but I can only fully recommend it. The sometimes criticized cable is actually too short. But no problem, that is cheap and much longer to buy. Furthermore, the device should be as compact as possible, energy-saving and cheap, even in print. Absolutely important for me was that the device is not heard in standby, so while working not annoying. All this printer meets! The Samsung MultiXpress K3300 text print is also very good in the Toner saving setting.

    Driver Download Samsung MultiXpress K3300
    I was absolutely thrilled by the installation of the device under Windows 10 64-bit. Cable connected (mains, USB, telephone in LINE) and the CD purely. When the installation went through, everything worked fine. No hesitation, nothing. Top device for high demands. But the included Samsung utility is hardly to use and as promised. Easy installation and connection to WLAN. Toner could be larger when reimbursed. Excellent, easy to install, to print and really good and great quality and also good packaging. Samsung MultiXpress K3300 all in all a good printer. There is a star deduction because he has reported a paper jam one or the other while recording paper and letters even though the paper was not even fully contained. Otherwise very good software package for Windows, (App for Android), it is super easy to create PDF, etc. Would buy the printer again. Simply in connection and in the operation.

    Samsung MultiXpress K3300NR Drivers Download
    Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Download
    I would buy it again at any time and can only recommend the device! I have the Samsung MultiXpress K3300 printer now for 2 months in (commercial) use, it does what it should, so no problems, all functions run. The driver installation in a small network of 3 PCs was also easy, even for me as an absolute layman. 1 point deduction because of the 2-line display (without touch), that's not up-to-date anymore, but I knew that before. TIP: The warranty extension here is very, very expensive, sometimes up to 100 EUR surcharge! I bought my printer online at Conrad, the price at that time was not even 5 EUR more expensive than here on Amazon. Advantage with Conrad: just before / at the same time get the free customer card, then you automatically have schonmal 2 instead of 3 years warranty. If that is not enough, then Conrad (online and in the store) can then buy the option of additional warranty extension to 48 months, costs about 17 EUR for this device, so you have then with customer card and the extra guarantee for about 20 EUR extra charge 4 years carefree guarantee. Watch out!

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