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    Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, February 15, 1:41:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-15T09:41:45Z
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    Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver

    Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 served me now, then he did not feed the paper properly anymore and when I was working on it like I used to do over the years, if it did not work, I somehow tore off a piece of plastic and myself even the worst of your fingers burned, it was really bad, the pain by the way. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 is functional, functional, well-made and makes a valuable impression. I can recommend the product to anyone without restrictions. The operation from the PC is a bit sluggish, the device prints and scans a bit slower than my second newer multifunction device but the part is completely reliable, easy to use; Manual is also easy to understand. In the meantime I work almost exclusively with rel. old the Samsung device. The pressure and scan quality adjustable is also very good in the economy mode. At the beginning I had some problems installing the software and had called the hotline.

    Driver Download Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Printer Installer
    The technically sound advice at Samsung Europe was not only good but excellent. After 30 seconds I had a specialist on the line, who informed me in detail about the technical requirements and also about the installation modes. Such a hotline I wish for many purely German manufacturers. I would rate the product especially because of the very good care by the manufacturer with 4 1/2 stars. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 printer works very well with me. sometimes, when I give it used paper, it does not want to take it right. otherwise it runs fine and the toner cartridges are also to get cheap prices. This Samsung MultiXpress X3280 multifunction device is well suited for small and medium-sized offices. The durability of the toner is relatively good compared to many others. The print, scan and fax quality is unexpectedly good and more than sufficient for this price range. Only the warm-up time is a bit long, if the device from the sleep mode to start operation.

    Samsung MultiXpress X3280NR Drivers Download
    Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver

    Printer Driver Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Download
    The enormous size of the device is also an indication that the device belongs more in the office and not in the private household. On the negative side, Samsung's original toner is extremely expensive, but with the rebuilt toner for about 20-25% of the price, the printer works just as well and cleanly. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 can do everything a top-of-the-range device can do. Features of the device include printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Both the copy and fax reception can be directly select the toner saving mode, as synonymous when printing from the PC. Only the operation of the menu on the device is a bit fumbling, but with a little practice you have got used to it quickly. In addition, it is a bit annoying when the printer has a say, when it has no paper or there is a paper jam. This is signaled through the internal speaker by an annoying sound. My conclusion: The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 is a good all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio.

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