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    Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Tuesday, February 13, 1:37:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-14T15:51:55Z
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    Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Driver

    Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Printer Driver Download. After almost 11 years of diligent work, my Konica Minolta has given up its mind. For some weeks now I have the Samsung in operation, I'm just as convinced of it as the other devices from the same manufacturer. The prints are clean, even on 80g plain paper he makes photo realistic prints. Because of the consequential costs related to the toner I do not break my head. There are enough providers of compatible toners, experience has shown that they are equivalent and do not fade after long direct sunlight. So the Samsung ProXpress C4012ND printer has very good pressure! that he gets only four stars, is due to the expensive toner, you buy original goods. But it would be idle to get annoyed or even discuss it. It is as it is, and can be mitigated only by replacement. But everyone has to decide for themselves. Duplex printing becomes somewhat difficult in the case where the posterior image has to be printed congruently with the front image. (Front / back of a copy, etc.) here is usually the back pressure shifted to the front print heights and sides.

    Driver Download Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Printer Installer
    Here, it usually requires a lot of balancing work by means of software and hardware as well as some test prints. It is certainly because of the double indentation of the paper in duplex printing, because then the positioning is no longer correct and must be compensated by hand, but it is feasible. I am very satisfied with the Samsung ProXpress C4012ND printer. Can not write more than what he does what a printer needs to do. I have been using it for a year and a half a day and have never had problems with anything. The only thing that annoys me so much and what I want to warn everyone is that the manufacturer seems to be trying to pull you over with the toner. When the printer reported that the black toner cartridge is empty, I immediately ordered one, as I said, I need the printer daily.

    Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Drivers Download
    Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress C4012ND Download
    That was nine months ago. When fiddling with the options, there is an option that the printer will continue to print if the toner cartridge is "empty", which I did. You have to confirm the annoying white every time you turn it on. But the printer has been printing for nine months with the supposedly empty cartridge on and on and on. That was easily over 1000 sheets! And there is still no end in sight, I do not even notice that the printouts are getting pale. So be careful here, so you do not buy a new cartouche, although the old one is still full! It is unnecessary waste of money and resources! I use this Samsung ProXpress C4012ND printer in the small home office. Expression fast and accurate. Clear, colorful, sharp colors. Inside the paper insert, I find it very good to be protected from dust. Sheet feeder clean, works quietly, cartridge replacement individually possible and easy self-explanatory possible.

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