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    Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, February 3, 8:25:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-02-04T04:25:28Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Driver

    Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Printer Driver Download. The Samsung ProXpress C4060FX drivers are well made, clear to interpret and rich in settings and presets; interesting is the "ECO" function that allows to enable different mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact (paper consumption, toner consumption and energy absorption), with a simulator able to estimate the actual savings. In terms of performance, the MFP has always been brilliant, both when playing complex content and working or copying in duplex mode. With text documents with 5% coverage, I reached 36.1 ppm, a very similar speed even during the production of files containing mixed text graphics in color. By activating the duplex unit we reach 23 ppm, even if we worked in duplex, I noticed a frequent activation of the internal realignment and calibration mechanism. This is certainly a detail, but it could have a significant influence on high volume printing processes.

    Driver Download Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Printer Installer
    The first page is usually printed within 10 seconds if the printer is active, which increases to approximately 28 seconds if the MFP is in standby. The Samsung ProXpress C4060FX standard copy takes only a few moments to start and proceeds at a speed of 25 ppm via ADF (10.9 ppm by enabling scanning and duplex printing). The 300 DPI scanning in PDF format on the network, internal drive or USB is however always quite fast, with an average of 25 ipm with ADF (22.2 ipm enabling duplex). The Samsung ProXpress C4060FX quality found by adopting plain paper and special thicker supports is of a high standard, certainly superior to many competitors based on laser color technology.

    Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Drivers Download
    Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress C4060FX Download
    I have reproduced texts, graphic elements, photographs, brochures and 2D / 3D graphic projects. In almost all cases the multi-function has been able to reproduce gradients and nuances that are continuous, without dithering or "jagged", usually visible on laser models. The full tones are continuous and deep, especially for the black color, which is well distributed, without banding. On the details front, printing at the highest quality can ensure the reproduction of texts with high readability and well-represented graphic elements, even if the definition of the most minute vector components tends to get lost, showing a level of precision slightly lower than other solutions. The Samsung ProXpress C4060FX consumption of this unit is relatively low, with an absorption of less than 1 W when the printer is in OFF mode, 11 W at rest, 24.5 W in ready mode, to get to sporadic instant peaks that are just over 1,000 W.

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