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    Canon Pixma TS5140 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, March 1, 7:01:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-03-01T15:01:54Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    Canon Pixma TS5140 Driver

    Canon Pixma TS5140 Printer Driver Download. It was bought on December 30, 2017. Completely satisfied, especially children for abstracts in school. I print infrequently (the expenditure has not been experimentally established yet), since there is still an old 2006 laser MFC of Samsung. Everyone is happy. I think it's more profitable to buy XL cartridges. I thought so myself, but alas, I was beyond all expectations. Despite the fact that the inkjet and not so fast, but all the described functions perform perfectly! I'm pleased with this Canon Pixma TS5140! Long thought over the rationality of the purchase, but then decided that I do not regret what I bought. Printing fast and b/w and color, at the expense of printing colors (photos, pictures) has not yet understood (comparison with iP2700), to the Internet immediately connected, everything is simple and clear, convenient 2-sided printing (while I tried only in copy mode ), you can continue to long in the general commodity excellent. Canon Pixma TS5140 is a new series of Canon multifunctional inkjet printers that enable advanced printing, scanning and copying to meet the needs of modern users. The presented line consists of four devices.

    Canon Pixma TS5140 Printer Installer
    The Canon Pixma TS5140 Home series printers combine the expanded capabilities of Wi-Fi connectivity, stylish design, compact dimensions and ease of use. The new models will allow you to print the highest quality images and clear text, satisfying all your home printing needs and from important to photos to private archives. The new models feature a range of creative and useful features, such as an intelligent user interface, automatic two-sided printing, Wi-Fi connectivity and low-power Bluetooth connectivity. The stylish design and compact dimensions of the devices in this series allow you to place them everywhere, so that everyone in the house has easy access to them. In addition to the high print quality, the Canon Pixma TS5140 allows you to unleash the creativity of your family thanks to attractive features such as printing of hidden messages or direct printing of Instagrama photos in a square format and the producer promises. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, the new Canon Pixma TS5140 will allow you to print materials from your smartphone or tablet even faster and more flexibly.

    Canon Pixma TS5140 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma TS5140 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS5140 Download
    All thanks to the Canon PRINT application, which eliminates the need for a computer to print, copy or scan. As a result, users have to gain the convenience of wireless connectivity, as well as the ability to preview before the final printout. In addition, we get the ability to print and import documents, as well as uploads including photos to social networks and popular cloud services. What's more, all devices in this series support the Instagram square format printing with or without frames. This feature will certainly please many users who like to share their photographs with the Internet world. In addition, the new six-color printing system is designed to provide more natural and brighter pictures. Pigment Black ink allows you to get crisp, sharp text on your documents, and the new Photo Blue ink reduces the graininess of light colors from blue to white. When you tell important family stories, you want to be sure that the listeners will be charmed by them. Thanks to PIXMA series devices, photos will never fall out pale. From homework to photo memories. PIXMA Home is the highest quality print for all family needs adds the producer.

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