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    Canon Pixma TS6140 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, March 1, 6:50:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-03-01T14:50:19Z
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    Canon Pixma TS6140 Driver

    Canon Pixma TS6140 Printer Driver Download. Canon Pixma TS6140 is a really excellent printer, well built, gives the feeling of solidity while being compact. The aesthetic is very beautiful and the print quality is really high, both with documents and with photos. Contrary to what the customer service Canon has answered (to which I have made specific request), the printer can work simultaneously connected to a PC with the USB cable and connected to other PC / Smatphone / Tablet etc. via Wi-fi, which is very convenient. The Canon Pixma TS6140 driver installation was very fast with Airprint (for windows there is the cd with drivers). Instructions (on a booklet printed in different languages) clear. I connected it without problems to the smartphone (Android) and the printing is done through the appropriate app (downloaded from the PlayStore). The prints have a good quality. A slow scan of documents and printing. Why did not I give the 5 stars? In reality it is not a technical problem or print quality but only that the compatible cartridges are not found (feb2018) and the originals and cost what they cost. If the review was useful I ask you to signal me. Vice versa, show me what you would rather find, in this way I will improve in the next reviews. I came from a previous multifunction Canon Pixma MX515, I decided for a matter of convenience 'to buy this for the compactness and quality' in general. Aesthetically and 'a real gem, compact and very beautiful, the display allows you to perform any type of operation even when the PC is off. Perfect wallet drawer that so far has never given me any jam.

    Canon Pixma TS6140 Printer Installer
    The quality of the prints I would say very good both in black and in color, the scanner seems to me fast and with a good resolution. Only "neo" perhaps the cartridges that from what I saw do not have any "cheap" prices. I have seen so far compatible cartridges on sale. For the rest, an almost perfect printer! The Canon Pixma TS6140 printer is a good product. Quality and speed are not at the highest levels, but fall within the price category. It's really compact: size and weight are at the minimum. The touch control panel is easy to use. However, it has some design flaws and some uncomfortable features. First of all, to operate the printer, you need to open the front panel manually, otherwise the sheets do not come out. there is no point of taking and you have to force, with the feeling of breaking something. The panel is servo assisted in closing (when it turns off, it closes by itself), but then why not do it in the opening phase? (the printer I had before - Canon MG5250 - it did) In practice, if you send a print from another room, the printer turns on by itself, but does not print until you open the cover manually. A bit of a contradiction. Always staying on the front panel, the touch screen works well, but if the lid is open (essential to print, as I said before), both in an intermediate position that extended, must be held still with the other hand or by putting the thumb under and otherwise "dance" and click becomes difficult.

    Canon Pixma TS6140 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma TS6140 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS6140 Download
    Another "defect" is the paper collection shelf. Even this must be opened manually and everything must be laid out, otherwise the sheets fall to the ground. If you leave it open, it protrudes considerably, affecting all the beautiful design and compactness of the device. Moreover, it is not a "drawer", but only a thin wand, so that the edges of the newly printed sheets bend downwards. As for the paper loading drawer, when there are sheets inside it must protrude relative to the printer. The compact monoblock that you can see in the photos to enhance the design, you lose immediately. However, at least, there is a mini lid that prevents sheets from taking dust. Finally, the back paper drawer is equipped with a sheet guide door (which, however, makes it quick to load the sheets quickly). When you change the cartridges, this should be raised before opening the top cover, otherwise it tends to break, but this is not written either in the manuals or in the on-screen wizard. In short, a nice printer works well but gets lost in the details. At Canon they can do better. However, the purchase is recommended for the quality / price ratio. The defects that I have described do not affect the operation, but they annoy, make it impractical to use and ruin the design. It is always better to know and keep it in mind. Then, if these details do not interest you, do you?

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