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    Canon Pixma TS8140 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, March 2, 8:07:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-03-03T04:07:40Z
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    Canon Pixma TS8140 Driver

    Canon Pixma TS8140 Printer Driver Download. Recently in a book I met such a phrase: "A man is his smartphone." And in fact the truth, the most part of a life in 21 century proceeds online. We almost forgot what paper newspapers and magazines are, we communicate with friends in social networks, we see photos on the phone screen. It sounds scary, does not it? But today I will talk about devices that will help not to lose touch with the real world, with the best part of it: the one that we usually try to capture in photos. After all, photography is our story. The printed pictures will never have a battery, the power will not turn off. This is the chronicle of life itself, which is always with you, and every day it becomes more valuable. I got printers to the editorial office, or rather multifunctional devices Canon PIXMA TS9140 and TS8140 are absolute novelties. These are compact devices for printing photos and documents, as well as scanning and copying. Beautiful and smart technology, creating a product of high quality. The life and work of a photographer is inconceivable without such assistants. In our test, we will try to figure out what their advantages are, what are the differences between them and how they differ from previous models.

    Canon Pixma TS8140 Printer Installer
    Design.. the characters from the updated Canon PIXMA family will exactly become an ornament of any interior, whether it's a modern apartment or an office in a simple style. This is no longer a soulless gray office equipment of a utilitarian kind, occupying a lot of space. The compact design of Canon PIXMA TS8140 (372 × 324 × 139 mm) and Canon PIXMA TS9140 (372 × 324 × 140 mm) is an undoubted advantage. In both models, the lower paper tray is completely retracted. This makes the printer even more compact. It turns out just a beautiful laconic cube, which does not take up space with bulging parts, when you are not busy printing. But I remember that a laconic and solid design was formed in the last generation of printers of this series. Here the filling has noticeably changed. The PIXMA TS8140 and TS9140 use a completely new system of six separate ink tanks, which uses photo-blue instead of gray. The update is aimed at improving the color rendition and reducing the grain size when printing photographs in white and blue tones.

    Canon Pixma TS8140 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma TS8140 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS8140 Download
    This fact alone shows that it is not just an "office" printing device for documents, namely a photo printer, even an amateur class (against the background of its PIXMA PRO line. New cartridges are now available in three sizes: standard, XL and XXL for true connoisseurs of photo printers, such as myself. The fact that both models are addressed more to amateurs than to ordinary users, says the fact of having a connector for the SD-card. This is another way to easily print pictures and to insert a USB flash drive from the camera into the printer. However, if you have a Canon camera with support for Wi-Fi and PictBridge, then the photo can be printed directly from the camera and completely without wires. Intelligent connectivity promises easy connection to mobile devices for printing and scanning with the Canon Print application. The owners of smartphones with Android OS will love the fact that the printers have Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows you to scan and print photos without using wires in the absence of a network infrastructure: you will not have to manually set up a direct connection via Wi-Fi each time. Owners of smartphones on iOS will have to print from mobile devices "in the old fashion" via Wi-Fi. For them, Bluetooth only provides reports of printer errors.

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