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    Epson Stylus NX220 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Wednesday, March 21, 3:58:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-03-21T10:58:35Z
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    Epson Stylus NX220 Driver

    Epson Stylus NX220 Printer Driver Download. Epson Stylus NX220 is a multifunction device with separate ink cartridges and a 3.8-inch LCD display. The device has a memory card reader and a 3.8-inch LCD display that allows you to view and print photos without using a computer. In addition, the product offers features such as Epson PhotoEnhance which allows you to adjust color and contrast at the touch of a button, and Epson Easy Photo Print, which allows you to easily remove the red-eye effect. The Epson Stylus NX220 uses Epson DURABrite Ultra ink and an advanced pigment technology in which the ink molecules are enclosed in a resin coating. Thanks to this the ink is resistant to water, smudging and writing with a marker.

    Epson Stylus NX220 Printer Installer
    It also provides high resolution text and is designed to allow printing of photos that match the quality of prints from a photographic studio, whose durability is over 200 years (in the case of storage in the album). In addition, the new scan button allows you to automatically scan documents and photos (1200 x 2400 resolution) to your PC. You can also use it to scan documents to a PDF or e-mail, and the Epson Easy Photo Fix function lets you restore colors, remove dust, and correct the counter-light while scanning old, faded photos. I'm really happy with the article. Only that he feeds the leaves a bit quickly and therefore sometimes prints diagonally. This Epson Stylus NX220 is much quieter and optimal for home and school work. The Epson Stylus NX220 is a bit noisy, but otherwise very good.

    Epson Stylus NX220 Drivers Download

    Epson Stylus NX220 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson Stylus NX220 Download
    Especially the switch-on noise and the paper feeder make really noise, one believes involuntarily one would have bought a sheet metal press instead of a printer. But the print, scan and copy results are very good so that the background noise The four individual color cartridges are also favorable, here only need to be exchanged which is really consumed. Unfortunately in the product description no delivery included listed, so you do not know that the device without USB cable is delivered. Decisive for me was that the device is operated with 4 single cartridges. So far I am satisfied with that. Overall this Epson Stylus NX220 printer should print well and fast. That's what the Epson Stylus NX220 does. Unfortunately, it is a little bit "nervous" when printed and prints very loud. But you get used to it quickly. The black high-gloss finish shows every dust, but can be quickly cleaned again. I am happy :D

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