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    Epson WorkForce 525 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, April 1, 8:55:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-04-02T03:55:49Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    Epson WorkForce 525 Driver

    Epson WorkForce 525 Printer Driver Download. The Epson WorkForce 525 printer will work under Mac OS and Windows. I opted for the Epson WorkForce 525 because the model of the smaller series WF-3640DWF was delivered directly defective (error 0xF1 and 0xE8) and also seemed somewhat filigree. Since I do not want to buy a new printer every year and want to keep the printing costs down, it should be this printer. The print image is perfect in optimal mode, more than adequate in normal and draft mode. Between normal and draft mode, I see no differences, both in terms of print quality and in the printing speed. The ink cartridges are large (but as light as a feather) and can hopefully be replaced with replacement cartridges. Replace ink without sacrificing print quality. That will show up. The positive qualities can be found in the other reviews, so I focus in this review, the negative properties. But the printer does not support 5 GHz WLAN (only 2.4 GHz), so If you want to copy only one sheet, it is not enough to just press the copy button. So I was used to it from my older Samsung device.

    Epson WorkForce 525 Printer Installer
    Here you have to select first on the touch screen "copy", etc. This is then cumbersome, if you copied from an A4 book, where the non-scanned part of the device on the control panel down. Scanning to FTP or Network Folder is not possible, even though it is listed in the manual. Another place in the online FAQ states that this feature is not supported by this device. Supposedly, this feature is only available in selected countries. I got to a Dropbox folder via Scan to Cloud. This is how it works with Scan-to-Email. The setting the scan resolution is not possible with the above function. The resolution can only be set when scanning to USB or directly from the PC / Mac. For me, those are incomprehensible limitations. Every now and then I had no connection to the printer and the Mac OS X. had to re-add him to the printers. I have now installed the Epson software, removed the printer and new added. If the problem reappears, I will add this info here.

    Epson WorkForce 525 Drivers Download

    Epson WorkForce 525 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson WorkForce 525 Download
    So far it seems to work. All in all, and if there are no new connectivity issues with Mac OS X, I think it's a solid device with consumer features in more hardware. But you should not expect a real professional device here. The price / performance ratio is right. So how much ink the Epson WorkForce 525 printer ultimately consumes and how the printer will prove in the long-term test, has yet to show. But the short test shows that Epson really did a really good job here. The previous B310 can retire now including the modest paper feeder. The Epson WorkForce 525 is easy to accomplish even for computer laymen. WLAN, fax etc. are set up in seconds and if the settings are made correctly, there is also a fax receipt with complete imprint of the first fax page, as we need it. The print, scan and fax quality are really good and the speed is more than adequate for an average office. The background noise remains in the frame. Clearly the speed is not comparable with Pagewide. But I get here a good print quality. In short, when good print quality at an acceptable tempo of over 20 real pages per minute with first press of sleep mode in 7 seconds with absolutely low power consumption.

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