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    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, April 2, 10:34:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-04-03T05:34:53Z
    Scanning and Printer Support

    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Driver

    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Scanner Driver Download. This Epson WorkForce ES-200 scanner replaced my reliable Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 that I've been using for years now. Like the ScanSnap, you can scan documents directly into Evernote. I've been wanting to replace my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 since I've had it since 2011. It's such a reliable scanner and it gets the job done. Honestly, I was very skeptical this Epson could replace it. I thought it would probably be a scanner scanner but I thought the OCR, auto rotate, and integration with Evernote would not be up to my liking. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. Set up was fairly simple. I installed the software and then plugged my scanner into the computer. When you first connect, it automatically looks for firmware and software updates. Although the scanner works just on USB power, it will not let you install the firmware without plugging your A / C adapter. This is something the software will not tell you.

    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Scanner Installer Software
    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Pros: A highly customizable compared to my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300. It's amazing how many customizable options there are. Evernote (or whatever program you choose). Evernote (or whatever program you choose) Evernote (or whatever program you choose) Evernote (or whatever program you choose). Epson WorkForce ES-200 is real fast scanning compared to my ScanSnap. Better scanning quality over my ScanSnap even at the same DPI settings. Epson WorkForce ES-200 can auto rotate documents based on the text. Based on my tests, it performs better than my ScanSnap. Epson WorkForce ES-200 Cons: My biggest complaint is that the USB cable is only 3 feet long. Not an issue if you're using this as a portable scanner but it can definitely be an issue if you're using it on a desktop. The good thing is that it uses a standard USB 3.0 cable rather than a proprietary cable. Luckly, 3 ft is just long enough to reach my desktop so I will not have to buy a new cable. Since it's so highly customizable (a pro), it requires some configuring to get it to work with Evernote. It's not hard to do this but it's not ready out of the box.

    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Drivers Download
    Epson WorkForce ES-200 Driver Download

    Scanner Driver Epson WorkForce ES-200 Download
    However, once you do, it's good to go. It's not a big issue but after you hit the scan button, there's a one or two second delay before it scans. Not a big issue at all. Epson WorkForce ES-200 sometimes has a hard time detecting whether there is paper in the tray. I have to really lodge it in there for it to detect it. I used to have a scanner on my desk at work, and I used it every day. It was so easy and convenient. When I left my job, I found I still needed to scan. A lot. So I'd show up to my old job with folders full of stuff and someone to scan them for me. Well, tax time rolled around, and I realized it would be a real pain to go into the old job and get someone to scan for me. So, I decided to suck it up and buy a scanner. This Epson WorkForce ES-200 scanner is sweet. Seriously. I have a Mac, and the download of software has taken place, it makes me feel better. From there, you open the application, hit scan and you're good to go. It does not need to be scanned or scanned right to a PDF, it's open, you're in business and the document quality is fine. Also, this thing is wickedly fast, even on double sided. And it's tiny, and it's light, so it could be a portable for folks who take their services with them. I'm not that good, but for the money, this Epson WorkForce ES-200 is a solid winner.

    DOWNLOAD DRIVER (Epson scanner drivers and software from Official Source):
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