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    HP ENVY 5020 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, April 16, 12:41:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-05-08T09:27:59Z
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    HP ENVY 5020 Driver

    HP ENVY 5020 Printer Driver Download. When I did my first printer in the 90's, I almost always switch between Canon and HP. Only my very first one was still a dot matrix printer, at some point the inkjet printer became affordable and from there Canon or HP were the printers of my choice. Meanwhile, the printers themselves are dirt cheap and the typeface and the image reproduction pretty much exhausted, is earned by the manufacturers of the ink. With this HP ENVY 5020 printer HP goes with HP Instant Ink a new way, according to need one can choose from several tariffs and before each of the cartridges are empty, comes by post a new set. With low usage (up to 10 pages per month), this service is even free, but even with more use and print volume, the offer pays off, at least for the customer, whether it pays off for HP?

    HP ENVY 5020 Printer Installer Software
    Now the HP ENVY 5020 multifunction printer black (M2U92B); HP 304 Black, HP 304 Color; Printer documentation and software on CD; Power cord; USB cable. For me (certainly mistakenly) no USB printer cable, but a second power cord for English sockets supplied and the CD was not included, but can be ordered. The documentation explains only the very first steps and surprisingly (at first) many hints, in case there are difficulties with the network integration. At first, HP ENVY 5020 worked without problems with the setup, the HP page on the Windows 10 desktop selected, account set up, Wifi driver program installed, printers connected, with the two cartridges equipped and it was recognized wirelessly, only the PC did not integrate the HP as printer. After several attempts, it worked after I connected the printer with a USB cable and installed another driver for it.

    HP ENVY 5020 Drivers Download
    HP ENVY 5020 Driver Download

    Printer Driver HP ENVY 5020 Download
    Later, I was able to properly integrate the printer into the home network by entering the network key on the touchscreen directly at the printer under the menu item there. However, this is really the last choice, the touch screen rules poorly and the letter / number fields are repeatedly occupied. What was completely simple and worked without problems was the installation of the apps on an Android SP and an Apple iPad, after a short time could be wireless files / Print images from these devices. The HP ENVY 5020 printer / scanner / copier performance of the HP 5030 is really good for home use. The small touch screen and its menu are rather bad, fortunately you rarely need it, otherwise I would have deducted more than one star. "HP Instant Ink" has yet to prove its usefulness, theoretically it sounds good. If you frequently print photos, you should consider purchasing the HP ENVY Photo 7130 (the big brother of this 5020 printer), including the larger the touch screen.

    DOWNLOAD DRIVER (HP printer drivers and software from Official Source):
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