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    Epson Expression Home XP-344 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, August 10, 9:54:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-11T04:54:59Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Epson Expression Home XP-344 Printer Driver Download. I'm satisfied with the Epson Expression Home XP-344 printer. My Canon Pixma MX925 has said goodbye to the typical "B200". Now it was time to get a new printer. The choice on this Epson Expression Home XP-344, because I needed again a device with scanner, and this can also print in A4. For the initial setup you have to take some time, because the printer takes them too. You will be guided through the setup (the instructions will be shown in the display). That was not difficult. In my model, unfortunately, there was a negative result at the nozzle test pressure. A nozzle seemed clogged. Even after two printhead cleaning still. This leaves a queasy feeling and just set up, and already complain? First I wrote to the support, and received the same answer. In the extreme case one should carry out a head cleaning up to 6 times directly in succession. Fortunately, it was enough for me once more... However, I have not printed a single sheet productively yet, but the ink level has already dropped. This looks very much like expensive operating costs.

    Epson Expression Home XP-344 Driver & Software Download

    Epson Expression Home XP-344 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson Expression Home XP-344 Download
    A sample scan shows usable quality. The scanner is very loud, unusually loud, which is already in the direction of "chattering". But I have no huge claims to the scanner, but every now and then I need it. Important: It also scans directly on SD card or USB stick. The feel of the Epson Expression Home XP-344 printer is unfortunately cheap and wobbly. Since I am spoiled by the previous Canon. Here the plastic is partially thin and rickety. Clearly a consumer device. What I do not like at all: The paper output tray has to be pulled out manually, it will not print beforehand. That is: It is permanently undressed and dusty with time. The paper tray (DIN A4) is well, not big. 100 sheets should be almost too much. And A4 only goes beyond the manual, rear compartment. But that's OK - A4 you do not blaze through in masses now.

    The Apple AirPrint: Actually works quite well, but only up to A4. An expression on A3 is not possible. No chance. With the Epson iPrint App these possibilities are open. Even through a VPN connection, I can communicate with the printer, poll ink levels, etc... (if that makes sense is another matter). Conclusion: The first impression is OK! The Epson Expression Home XP-344 will probably be a disposable printer, as the other model (synonymous of other manufacturers) synonymous. The offered functions are already very good for the home user. The high ink consumption leaves you but swallow. Due to the thin plastic not the most valuable impression. But so it is in less than 2.5 years less waste that pollutes the environment.

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