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    Epson L6160 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, August 10, 2:03:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-10T09:03:23Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Epson L6160 Printer Driver Download. Thanks to office partners we were allowed to test the printer of Epson L6160. I work independently for a large corporation in my home office. Since I have to print a lot of data, statistics and bills and my current old Canon printer not just for such amounts aligned, also in the ink consumption is still very expensive, I was glad to test this Epson L6160 from the house Epson together with my family, well packaged and with a supply of ink for 3 years (2 sets), the printer reached me the next day, for this lightning fast shipping, I have to express a strong compliment to Office partners.

    When we unpacked the printer, we were very surprised, because it was much smaller than we expected. However, I was very happy, because the space on my desk is limited and this small all-rounder with dimensions of 37.5 x 34.7 x 23.1 cm fit perfectly, without me had to rearrange something. The scope of supply also included a power cable, a set-up / operating manual, software in the form of a CD and the warranty document.

    After I unpacked the printer and put it to its destination, I went to the very detailed and detailed installation / operating instructions and connected it via USB cable to the PC. Here you also have the option to use an Ethernet cable. The printer was detected very quickly by Windows 10 and requested the refilling of the ink tanks. Here I entered new territory, because I've never called a printer with a tank system my own. However, I was very surprised how uncomplicated, safe and clean the filling goes. Thanks to the key-lock principle for the refill bottles, it is impossible to accidentally empty the wrong bottle into the wrong tank. The refill bottles are removed from the protective film, the cap is turned off and the bottle is inserted headfirst into the filling opening. This then empties itself into the tank via the special filler neck. The volume of the tank holds a complete bottle per color. The ink level can be viewed at any time on the permanently integrated tanks from the outside.

    Epson L6160 Drivers Download

    Epson L6160 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson L6160 Download
    The Epson L6160 printer is operated via a touchscreen which could be a little bigger, but still has good finger-operated operation. In addition, the surface with the touch screen is very user-friendly, because it can be positioned up or down steplessly. The print quality is very good, but the Epson is a bit noisy when printing, which does not bother me much, as I usually leave the room for larger print jobs. This habit is still based on the experience with my old laser printer for concerns about the health effects of toner dust. 

    An absolute highlight at Epson is the duplex printing, which I like to use, because a two-sided printing protects paper costs and the environment. Although this takes a little longer, because only one side is printed, then the sheet is retracted, and then print on the second page. When scanning, there is the choice either to use the flatbed scanner and to lay the sheet on the support surface or to select the automatic feeder. It is recommended to place sheets with creases, folds or dog-ears on the flatbed scanner to avoid a possible paper jam. For smooth leaves, the automatic feeder works very well. By the way, you have the possibility to choose a PC hereon which the document is to be saved afterwards. This is a good solution if multiple PCs can access or connect to the printer. To go into detail on the faxing makes little sense, works fine and the automatic feeder you can send a small stack as a document to the recipient.

    Finally, I still have the opportunity to use Wifi to pair the printer with my smartphone and operate it from the smartphone. Here is the Epson app "Epson iPrint" ideal. I could send documents and photos from the smartphone directly to the printer and receive scanned documents in return on my smartphone. In addition, printer status and remaining ink quantity can be called up.

    Conclusion: This Epson L6160 printer is highly recommended for households and home office with relatively high print volumes. The inside makes a very high quality impression and the filling of the ink tank is a very clean matter, no spraying and blotting, absolutely safe through the different filler neck of each bottle. The print quality is very good, duplex printing gets a big plus here. The driver setup of the printer is very straightforward and self-explanatory, the operation very clearly on the touch screen. The only downside is the volume. However, the relatively high price for an inkjet printer is justified because you save the purchase of ink cartridges, which are much more expensive compared to the ink bottles. In addition, additional operating costs can be saved by duplex printing. We have printed nearly 1000 pages and hardly any ink was used. I have a clear buy recommendation for the Epson L6160.


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