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    Epson L6170 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, August 10, 1:54:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-18T05:17:17Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Epson L6170 Printer Driver Download. The Epson L6170 printer is supposed to complete our home office, in which I first prepare teacher training courses as well as being the chairman of a non-profit sports association. In particular, the combination of A4 printer, copier, scanner and fax in the smallest space are available in the home office. (Width x depth x height - 37 x 36/50 x 26). It should let himself be inserted into the existing periphery. WLAN is provided as a network connection at the installation site. Laying a LAN cable is too expensive at this location. 
    Periphery in our case is:

    • A desktop PC

    • 2 notebooks

    • 2 smartphones

    • AVM Router Fritz Box 7490

    • 1 laser color printer

    The main reason for the use is the expected cost optimization for ink consumption. In particular for the sports club, occasional photo prints burden the color cartridges of the previous laser printing considerably. This Epson L6170 ink tanks refill bottles used in the Epson L6170 with a volume of 14,000 pages in black / white and 11,200 pages in color printing can be expected to be economical. The well-known from other models small ink cartridges omitted. The ink is supplied in two 4-color sets (black, magenta, yellow and cyan) which corresponds to the print yield given above. Replacement colors (original) are currently on the net for BLACK at a price of around 11 euros and each color of about 6 euros offered.

    As expected, the printer was packed safely in strong cardboard, sprung with styrofoam and foil. Moving parts are secured with adhesive tape, which can be removed without residue and without frustration. Connecting cables are only available for mains operation. Cables for LAN or telephone / fax are not included.

    Epson L6170 Drivers Download

    Epson L6170 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson L6170 Download
    Commissioning includes, among other things, filling the ink tanks A, which is done easily by putting the paint bottles and completed in a short time. Probably for technical reasons remains in each bottle a residual amount of about 1ml. When filling, however, should be taken to ensure that a certain caution is necessary to avoid annoyance by ink stains in and around the printer. It can be assumed that these stains are very persistent or can not be eliminated. The installation routine of the printer takes about 10 minutes and runs independently. Extensive in our field of application was the integration into the existing network. Ultimately, this required a lot of time. After completion of the installation routine, some test prints are made until the optimum print result is achieved.

    The Epson L6170 printer is operated via the clear color display. This is movably constructed so that it can be viewed from different angles. All functions are shown in German and clear / understandable. In the area of ​​maintenance, a register of prints is also integrated. So far, I have only missed a slot for USB or SD card to save scanner jobs. This must be done via the PC or the cloud to be set up. The printing is done in both quality and speed one-sided and excellent on both sides. Epson L6170 Scan Copy The working sounds of the printer are comparable to similar devices of other manufacturers. They are suitable for office use, but clearly audible for living room requirements. Neither in color printing nor in black and white mode, there are remarkable shortcomings. A color scan / print differs only very slightly from the original and meets my requirements very well. The function "Fax" could not be activated at our connection yet. The reason is according to manufacturer support in the connection method used to search by VoIP. The printer is not suitable for this. I'm still cautiously optimistic yet to find a way to find a solution via the router. A print from Google Cloud Print can be successfully loaded and printed. ADF as an Automatic Document Feeder works easily both one-sided and two-sided. All in all, this Epson L6170 printer can be highly recommended in terms of versatility as well as in terms of follow-up costs, print quality and speed.

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