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    Epson WorkForce K301 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, August 16, 9:07:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-17T04:07:45Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Epson WorkForce K301 Printer Driver Download. I would like to say something first of all. One thing I would like to anticipate, NO I am neither related to the one who sells the printer or friends. Many might think so because this review is so positive.  Now to the printer; this printer has more than 5 stars, maybe 6 or even more.

    Above all, I do not understand what everyone has, the Epson WorkForce K301 printer is great.
    Why, quite simply:

    1. As a first point, Jochen S. writes in his review that the printer is much larger than described; So with the rear feed tray was finally in the product description (who can read is clearly in the advantage) and the paper output tray you do not have to pull out, if it does not suit you. But after printing, you can push the output tray back in.

    2. Some people also complain about the WI-FI interface. I can not understand what everyone has. If you insert the software CD into the PC, etc., the driver installation starts immediately, quite simply. Now the WI.FI setup starts. If you are not necessarily 5 floors above the printer, but takes a few minutes to connect to the printer, it is synonymous with the first attempt. For me and my roommates in the house, it was the first time. And communication mistakes come there (if one does everything correctly) also none.

    3. Now to set up the fax / copier / scanner ... OK the cables, as was also to read in the product description, were not available. But that should not be negative now, because the vast majority of printer vendors do not send any cables (except power cords), because cables are a very common reason why printers are sent back. They were at home with me. You can also quickly go to the nearest electronics store and buy a cable. Now for the most part, the fax. Everything very simple: take cable, put in the socket (printer and telephone network) ready. Has worked wonderfully right at the first test. Scan from the computer (program is also installed during the driver installation) works perfectly over Wi-Fi. Copying is possible from the beginning.

    Epson WorkForce K301 Drivers Download
    Epson WorkForce K301 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson WorkForce K301 Download
    I am very satisfied, this Epson WorkForce K301 works well and quickly no problems, and the color is great and the wi-fi function is good one point more. The device is now running for an hour, setup via USB cable recommended, then everything via WLAN. I have the device first tried directly over Wi-Fi, this is also possible, but gave complications, and connected directly with USB cable just a few mouse clicks and the device is running. If the Epson WorkForce K301 is intended for normal home use, highly recommended, buy recommendation.. !!

    Everything clearly arranged, even with display, time, date, and a well thought-out control panel, the device explains itself. Display also shows operating steps.

    I have printed so far only a few auctions, but clean expressions, paper feed finally just. Of course, the Epson is a bit louder than higher quality devices, but that does not bother me, it's also faster than my predecessor, the Epson DX4000, so for me progress, of course, there are faster, but for this unbeatable price that's fine.

    At the moment there is probably only original ink, a set 36 Euro, but I think there is something compatible, if not for myself not so wild, I do not print very much, my Epson DX4000 has in the 5 years only three new fillings but now only had to give way because of the required WLAN function, but is still running. There are five stars because I could not find any defects.

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