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    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, August 2, 9:43:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-02T16:43:54Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF Printer Driver Download. After I had the opportunity to work extensively with the C5790 in our company and he promised me, I finally bought it myself. Here is my review. I go specifically to the predecessor, the WF-5620/5690. For whom suitable? This Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF is a small multifunction printer, perfect as a desktop printer, from small offices to large businesses. It is suitable for users who have traditionally used lasers and now want to reduce costs.

    Commissioning: The device and accessories as well as the individually exchangeable ink bags are carefully packed. There's a guide, driver CD - the usual just. Thanks to the enclosed description, commissioning is fast and uncomplicated, even laymen can handle it without any problems. What I really like about the installation: you do not have to install the complete software, if you can do without PDF manuals, you can do that - as long as you do a custom installation! After installing and inserting the inks, the initialization must be done, IMPORTANT and never interrupt the power! Otherwise, the device will report after startup namely with wildly flashing red LED and screams "error". By the way: The Mac OS is considered with mature drivers, which is noteworthy.

    The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF scanner is similar to the mechanics of the Epson DS-1630 document scanner and that is about 25 S / min scans the part on the feeder - which is good compared to other devices in this class. The ADF holds 50 sheets. Unfortunately, the C5790 lacks the "OnePass" function. This means that if you want to scan / copy the front and back sides, the scanner will turn the page and retract it. The Epson Scan2 driver is professionally made, all necessary settings can be made without problems. Scanning is possible via USB and LAN / WLAN or via App.

    From the contrast to the resolution you can practically everything manual regulate, but also the automatic is reliable and works correctly. Incorrectly inserted photos on the document glass (lift the lid!) Recognize the automatic, they move precisely - this does not apply to the ADF, here you have to be careful, because thicker media can not move naturally, in this case, the template on the Glass lying. For document archiving on a grand scale, a dedicated document scanner is better, especially if you need to scan receipts such as receipts, prescriptions or business cards. Otherwise, the scanner does a good job and is CLEAR BETTER and faster than the WF-5620 - this was much slower with only 6.5 S / min!

    The copy machine
    The LCD display is great, it shows all important information on demand. The operation of the copier is a breeze, you can make all the important settings, so it should be! Clear improvement to the WF-5620 / WF-5690! The menus are simple and logical. Even without a manual to get it. The copy functions are powerful: stepless reduction or enlargement is just as possible as copying a maximum of 99 templates in one go. The paper type can be determined as well as the print quality. The display is tiltable (also an advantage to the WF-5620/90) - very practical for users such as. Wheelchair users who want to work on the device and possibly blinded by sunlight and reflections - so you can adjust the angle itself. There is no mechanics that can break.

    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF Drivers Download
    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF Driver Download

    Printer Driver Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF Download
    The printer is definitely great! The most important facts: single inks, waterproof printing, great print quality on uncoated paper, very fast print speeds of 20-30S / min depending on the artwork (photos need of course a bit longer!) What does all this mean for the user? Well, first of all, the prints are strong on recycled paper and the colors are glowing. This is due to the pigment inks used by Epson, which do not penetrate deep into the paper, thus preventing the well-known blotter effect (fraying of lines, bleeding colors, etc.). Nevertheless, you should treat yourself to the fun to print on high quality paper. I did that with 100g Presentation Paper from Navigator (the red pack!) And Epson's Matte Paper. The quality is great and definitely equal to a laser - with complex color rendering the Epson is even superior to a color laser - such a fine screening can not be achieved by a color laser. Text is indistinguishable from a laser. Incidentally, this also applies to the duplex printing, but the printing coverage by hand in the driver must be adjusted because he prints by default in duplex mode only with 70% coverage. The setting can be saved as a print profile and can be activated if required with a mouse click. Normal documents also do not appear on 80g paper, hardly noticeable differences to the laser. However, it is important that the user correctly calibrates the printhead after commissioning, otherwise the error known as "italics" may occur and streaks may appear in graphics printing.

    Intensive use of highlighters keeps the pressure off easily, blurring the ink - that was yesterday! Anyone who prints business cards or stickers will soon appreciate the waterproof inks! The quality of the photos on plain paper is very good for a 4 color printer, but with special papers again a corner better than most other business printers. For example, the HP Pagewide 477DW has significantly worse photo printing! Unfortunately, borderless printing is not possible, but ok, this is a business printer, not a photo printer. Nevertheless, the quality is amazing for an office printer. The pigmented inks give a dull gloss to printed images on photo paper, the glossy effect is not possible with these inks.

    Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790DWF printing costs
    A very big difference to Epson's consumer printers, such as the WF-3720 or WF-4720, is that the C5790's hose cleaning performance has been greatly reduced. Critics who have gone out of their way to clean up the cheaper Epson devices should pay attention, as this technical move saves Epson a lot of ink, increasing the reach and reducing printing costs. Of course, also cleans the printer from time to time, but the cleaning processes I could count so far on one hand, more has not been incurred and that is a big plus for all users. Even when inserting a new ink, the device does not initialize like other inkjet printers do, saving a lot of ink and money!

    In general, the costs are considered cheap, and especially compared to laser printers. The device can be equipped with inks of 3000/5000 for color and in SW even 10000S - this is not a comparison with a consumer crate, here are 2500 pages usually the maximum! The 5620 was already good with 4000S range, the C5790 tops it again. Attention: the supplied inks hold about 800S to ISO standard (at about 5% printing coverage) - who prints photos or flyers, should take into account a higher consumption - because I reach of course, no 800S. I have heard from time to time that the inks should be used up after initialization - I can not confirm that. However, I made a current firmware update after commissioning, because I always lost the WLAN signal - has helped.

    Differences to the C5710 and WF-5620/90: 
    Printer and scanner are identical to the C5790 - only the 10K SW ink I can not use there, also lacks the C5710 a Postscripttreiber and he is not able under special software environments such as SAP, terminal server or to be used with special medical software. In addition, the C5790 can be integrated into MPS environments such as PaperCut or GeniusBytes, which is especially important in larger companies with a large printer fleet.

    Differences to the 5620/90 in detail:

    1. Higher print speed -> from 20/20 ipm to 24/24 ipm 
    2. Higher scan speed -> from 6.3 / 4.5 ipm to 24/24 ipm 
    3. Higher range of inks -> from 4,000 pages to a maximum of 10,000 pages in mono and 5,000 pages in color 50% lower energy consumption! TEC value drops from 0.6 kWh to 0.2 kWh 
    4. Improved print quality 

    Conclusion: This thing can really be enslaved! It is a robust and reliable office slave that is easy to use and very versatile. You do not have to make any compromises, neither with the scanner, nor with the printer, in addition the follow-up costs are favorable.

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