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    HP LaserJet 1015 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, August 2, 10:02:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-08-02T17:02:17Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    HP LaserJet 1015 Printer Driver Download. Since 2004, the printer is on my desk and is in use several times a day. After 9 years, but his era comes to an end, sometimes he stops printing and I have to pull the paper manually from the printer, since the role is now more or less broken, but he has done more than good service. Reliable and cost effective follow-up costs. And I'll buy an HP LaserJet 1015 again. Have a color inkjet printer, but this is only for emergencies, since I have the cost of the ink cartridges are too high. So conclusion: again and again! At the beginning I was pleasantly surprised. What used to be luxury or an expensive office purchase is meanwhile also available for a small budget. After a short search under new and used equipment, I finally decided on the HP Laserjet 1015. The criteria were simple: The device had to be cheap and the toner cheap. And no device fulfilled this better, because the price was below 170 euros and the toner prices fall just like the power consumption, in contrast to other comparable printers very cheap.

    HP LaserJet 1015 Drivers Download

    HP LaserJet 1015 Driver Download

    Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet 1015
    HP LaserJet 1015 drivers installation: When unpacking and setting up, however, turned the first negative impression, the scope of delivery was no connection cable for printer and PC included. Luckily, I had one more from my old printer, otherwise a visit to the electronics store would have been necessary. When installing, however, I was spared from further surprises. The process itself took a few minutes and went easily by the hand. Thanks to the design and the very compact size of the case, which looks very stable, there were no problems setting up the printer anywhere.

    Pressure: Here I was ultimately convinced of the success of the decision. Although initially I did not expect much from the 600x600 dpi print quality, I was impressed afterwards, because the quality and sharpness of the lyrics can be compared to some of the more expensive 1200 dpi devices. The speed also, because the stated 12 pages per minute are not an exaggerated value and have been effortlessly achieved so far. Only the printout of images may be missing in precision, but the printer was not intended for that. If you also like to print photos or similar, you can buy a cheap inkjet printer for this case. Surely you can not compare the Laserjet 1015 printer with more expensive devices such as from Kyocera. Nevertheless, I am completely convinced. The offered is more than sufficient for the private household or the small enterprise and above all the quality, which is offered for this price, one finds nowhere. In short, the perfect and affordable printer for texts.

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