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    Brother DCP-J925DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, September 8, 11:05:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-09T06:05:03Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother DCP-J925DW Printer Driver Download. I had the following requirements before buying a new printer: A good print quality of text and photos with duplex function, computer-independent copying and scanning files on external storage media and CD / DVD printing function. The ink cartridges without chip and the ability to use Alternative ink also acceptable printing costs. I chose the Brother DCP-J925DW for myself and bought the device in early November 2011. This is my first impression.

    Connecting the Brother DCP-J925DW printer was uncomplicated and easy. I use the USB interface and can therefore say nothing about the network function. The installation of the software and drivers (in Windows XP) was also fast and without problems and you follow the instructions on the screen. Meanwhile, I have already made an update of the driver and the firmware successfully.

    Brother DCP-J925DW Printer Driver Installer
    A small, easy to understand guide to the basic functions is included. I noticed positively the detailed listing to problem solutions. Detailed, easy-to-understand user manuals for the printer and for the software are available online. I recommend reading it.

    The print quality of photos is brilliant. The printing of text is also very good. In the text embedded photos I found with normal print quality and normal paper as too pale. By color optimization - Setting 'Bright' to minus 20 and print quality 'Best' fixed the problem - the quality of the photos was flawless.

    The Brother DCP-J925DW scanner works fast and quiet, the quality is also good, of course according to the settings made. Copying is fast and good quality.

    The height-adjustable touch screen display is bright and colorful and very easy to read. The menu navigation is logical and self-explanatory. It was easy to scan documents and images of varying quality onto external storage media. As good as printing photos directly from the digital camera.

    Brother DCP-J925DW Drivers Download
    Brother DCP-J925DW Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother DCP-J925DW Download
    The working sounds of the printer are moderate. It turns off automatically after one hour. The software for CD / DVD printing offers many templates. Of course, labels can also be designed by yourself. Images (various file formats) or, for example, labels produced with external graphics programs can be imported. The print quality on label decals and on printable CDs / DVDs is perfect. Only with bright colors it may be advisable to set the color optimization to 'dark'. Although 'Brother' warns against any label printing, it is advisable to always use in-house labels to guarantee the print quality, but this can safely be ignored. Unfortunately this hint has to be clicked away every time. What I like very much: the disc guide is stored in the scanner cover and is thus always at hand.

    Unlike Canon printers, I previously had a Pixma, but Brother does not feel that disproportionate amounts of ink (and time) are lost in the printhead cleaning processes. The Brother will only do a quick cleaning after the printing process has finished.

    The case of the printer is black, elegant design, some shiny. Looks noble, unfortunately, every dust particle and every fingerprint can be seen on it. But with a soft, I emphasize soft, dry microfibre cloth, dust and fingerprints can be eliminated without scratches.

    Conclusion: my device meets the expectations, the printing and scanning quality is very good, the functionality is well thought out and the handling is uncomplicated. In case of problems - I had a paper jam - you are led through the menu of the display and so effectively and quickly supported in the problem solving. And - not to forget - the product has been awarded the Blue Angel. I have not regretted the purchase and can recommend the printer.

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