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    Brother DCP-L2512D Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, September 15, 1:26:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-15T08:26:47Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother DCP-L2512D Printer Driver Download. Printing is fast and accurate, and there are many ways to vary. Automatic two-sided printing is convenient. When scanning, you can directly generate multipage pdf files. The driver installation of this Brother DCP-L2512D printer was very fast on the laptop, (about 20 min) network was recognized immediately and remained stable connected. The printouts via PC are razor-sharp and are also output very fast. Over tablet and mobile phone, the data transfer takes a little longer, but the quality of the prints is also very good. Here I find very good that you can easily print on multiple devices with different apps (in our case: mobile and tablet via Google Print, Samsung Print and Brother Print).

    Brother DCP-L2512D Printer Driver Installer

    There is a star deduction, because the quick guide (Spanish and Dutch?) And the key cover (French, Dutch, English). Does in normal use but nothing to the point, because the normal menu navigation in the display is completely English. Brother DCP-L2512D is for our "small office" in that we have to print something from time to time. Easy installation, print via WIFI from 15 meters distance without problems, print quality very good, can confirm all postive reviews. I bought a laser printer because I was tired of the cost of ink for inkjet printers. My concern was the fine dust pollution by laser printers. With a filter you can at least improve this problem a bit - I hope. The vent of the printer is about 10 x 11 cm and not plan. That is why there is no such thing as an exactly matching filter that fits flat to the filter. But you can use the following filter: Clean Office fine dust filter, 1x white 15x12x4 cm - € 10.95.

    Brother DCP-L2512D Drivers Download
    Brother DCP-L2512D Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2512D Download
    This filter has a foam pad between tape and filter. When pressing / gluing, you can almost completely compensate for the missing flatness of the printer. At least some exhaust air flows out laterally. Unfortunately, I was sent to the printer in foreign language setup instructions and the USB cable for the computer is apparently not included in the delivery. Luckily I got the printer up and running and he does what he should! It prints he scans he copies as usual and fast! A star deduction for the non-existent German-language operating instructions and not written in English controls. The Brother DCP-L2512D printer was very easy to set up (even without an operating manual) and works perfectly. My computer (Windows) often has problems with WLAN printers, but it works fine with wireless printing. Copying and scanning is also very fast and easy. I had in the office ever a similar model of Brother with which there were never any problems and can therefore recommend this manufacturer very much.

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