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    Brother DCP-T510W Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, September 10, 10:12:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-11T05:12:38Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother DCP-T510W Printer Driver Download. Brother DCP-T510W is a 3-in-1 device with built-in ink-cartridges and wireless connectivity. A home and a small office will work great, mainly due to low operating costs and good quality black and white prints. This Brother DCP-T510W is a multifunctional A4 device. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and InkBenefit system, which allows you to fill the containers yourself with ink, which significantly reduces the cost of printing. The work is facilitated by an easy-to-use control panel and a small monochrome LCD display. The Brother Utilities Center offers additional applications facilitating, among others, device management on the network. Brother DCP-T510W can also be operated using mobile applications. In large companies, or where the print speed has to be dizzy, it may not work, but I can certainly recommend it to a small company or for home use. Especially those who want to clean up documents and photos. By the way, it is relatively quiet, so even in a small apartment will not be burdensome.

    After taking it out of the box, the printer surprised me with its relatively small size, for a 3-in-1 device, and with a reasonable weight, just over 7 kg. The housing made of black plastic is perhaps not an outstanding achievement of modern design, but the whole makes a very solid impression. Nothing creaks, nothing sticks out. The paper drawer slides out smoothly, without the annoying jerk that sometimes happens in other devices. The only frail element seems to be a sliding support, used to support printed pages, folding could be better. It gives the impression of being too delicate. The other thing is that its function is to keep a few sheets, so I do not think that something bad will work during everyday work.

    Brother DCP-T510W Printer Driver Installer
    The first launch of the printer is very easy. Just install the drivers from the included CD or download them from the network. The installation process itself is almost completely automatic, the instructions for the user are clear and understandable. The device finds the network and configures the connection with the computer, requiring only a few clicks from the user. All you have to do is read and accept a message every once in a while. I really can not imagine that it would be a problem.

    At the front of the device there is an easy-to-use control panel. The buttons are described legibly, although the monochrome display is a bit too small. Longer messages are scrolled on the display. I do not conceal, their reading requires a bit of patience. Note to the buttons - they have a clear, but not too deep click. You do not have to press them hard. They are not "hypersensitive" to touch.

    On the right side of the front, ink level indicators have been placed. The container housing is opened, and the containers themselves are closed with plastic caps in appropriate colors. The container filling procedure is problem-free. Just from the ink bottle marked with the right color, the ink is poured into the container (holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle) in the printer. Of course, you can wear gloves, but each bottle is finished with a thin funnel. The containers have a wide opening, so you need to really want to get dirty. However, I warn you, the ink is permanent and if, however, you predict that your hand will shake and spill liquid, then protect the substrate earlier. Containers are clearly marked with colors, holes for ink bottles also. To be mistaken, you can not, I think, that someone has a problem with distinguishing colors. For while the containers with a supply additionally have the name of the color on the label, the containers themselves do not have such a description. Or hidden very well, at least in front of my eyes.

    Brother DCP-T510W Drivers Download
    Brother DCP-T510W Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother DCP-T510W Download
    At the bottom of the device's front there is also a pull-out and opened drawer in which we place paper. The drawer holds 150 sheets. As in most of this type of devices, there were guides to make it easier to hold paper in a format other than A4. The scanner occupies the top of the device. Clear markings tell you how to place a scanned document in order to obtain a scan in the correct format. Important - an additional cover has been placed under the scanner, giving access to the inside of the printer in the event of a paper jam and a USB port for a wired connection with a computer. And at the back of the device, the user has access to the rollers, which also help in the event of a paper jam. There is also a manual paper tray, thanks to which you can use a carrier with an unusual format.

    Brother DCP-T510W Printing
    Printing text in black does not cause the printer any problems. Clearly, there are differences in printouts with individual quality settings. Text printed in fast mode looks much worse than the same text printed in the best mode. Of course, the better quality, the longer it takes to print. Classic "something for something". The printout times of one page of text in A4 format in each mode are as follows:

    1. fast mode: 7 seconds
    2. normal mode: 8.6 seconds
    3. high mode: 29 seconds
    4. best mode: 39 seconds

    As you can see, when it comes to print time, the difference between fast and best mode is simply colossal. The more so that the print quality is satisfactory already in the case of Normal mode , only a little slower than the fastest option. When we are dealing with a single printout, no problem, we can play in anticipation of a perfect looking black and white print. But I can not imagine waiting more than half a minute (Best mode), for example on a simple invoice. Especially if there were to be more than one.

    While the black in black and white prints is black, and the scale of gray does not raise any objections, then the color prints made on the so-called. photocopying paper. In my opinion, the colors are a bit pale. This, however, seems to me to be a hallmark of all inkjet printers with refilled containers. Plain paper is very absorbent and just like a sponge absorbs ink. That is probably why we say "washed out" colors. However, it is different on special papers, for example photographic ones. I have no objections here. The colors are vivid and the cover is good. Raster is invisible, there is no trace of the paper. Just a note, do not grab the printout right away. The photo needs a few seconds to dry.

    Print times of one page of colored A4 text in each mode are as follows:

    1. fast mode: 15 seconds
    2. normal mode: 20 seconds
    3. high mode: 58 seconds
    4. best mode (I recommend for photos): 2 minutes and 23 seconds

    As you can see, in the case of colored text, the Best mode prints one page more than twice as long as in High mode. The difference is very large. However, unlike black printing, the best color mode produces an effect that differs significantly from the other modes. The colors are more vivid, the text is definitely sharper. That's why I recommend this mode for photo printing.

    Brother DCP-T510W Scanning and copying
    Scanning on the Brother DCP-T510W does not differ from scanning on other devices of this type. After lifting the scanner flap, the user places a sheet on the glass according to the instructions on the frame and closes the flap. Scanning can be started from the computer in the Brother iPrint & Scan application or from the control panel on the device.

    There are several scanning modes available - choice of format, color and scan resolution (from 100 × 100 dpi to 1200 × 1200 dpi). It is also possible to immediately apply document correction, image enhancement and black and white image quality. In the case of a scan of colored text in black and white mode at 300x300dpi, the scanning process takes place in 8 seconds. The same parameters with the color scan setting result in 13.5 seconds.

    Copying is even easier than scanning. Copy settings can be configured on the control panel, where the user specifies the paper type, format, quality, density and page magnification. There are two separate copy buttons on the control panel. One of them designed for copying in black, the other for making color copies. It takes 16 seconds to copy A4 text in black and normal quality. For the same color setting, the copy procedure is 25 seconds.

    It would seem that scanning and copying are not usually performed at home tasks. However, it will be appreciated by anyone who has old photos or documents that in principle could be disposed of, but just in case you would like to have copies of them (for example, settlements of several or a dozen years).

    Brother DCP-T510W Software
    The main command center for the multifunctional Brother is a program called Brother Utilities. As easy to use as the device itself. Brother Utilities is essentially a set of applications that are responsible for the execution of a specific task. As you can see in the illustration below, the clear interface even provides the option of ordering consumables online.

    Brother Utilities divides actions performed by the device into tasks. Selecting a specific redirects the user to the appropriate application. The basic printing and scanning tool is Brother iPrint & Scan. The window of this application. In the case of printing, the user chooses whether to print eg a text document or photo, and the program selects the appropriate parameters. At the same time, you do not need to search for the file whose contents you want to print, because the application has its own document explorer and a tool to determine the print quality.

    The iPrint & Scan explorer
    When scanning using the iPrint & Scan program, the user has an almost identical quality setting tool as for printing. Another application offered by Brother Utilities is ControlCenter4. The program enables advanced configuration of the device. Like iPrint & Scan, it also supports printing and scanning, although CC4 is a bit harder to use, which comes from the greater possibility of modifying hardware settings. ControlCenter4 can be run in two modes: home and advanced. Home mode offers easier access to basic functions. The advanced mode provides detailed configuration settings. ControlCenter4 also allows you to configure your own button settings.

    Brother Utilities also includes an application that monitors the status of the device - Status Monitor, and an application that allows configuration of several devices in the network - BRAdmin. The latter has two versions: Professional and Light. Professional is used to manage multiple devices on the network, e.g. in a company. Light focuses mainly on the initial configuration of the device in the network.

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