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    Brother DCP-T710W Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Monday, September 10, 10:04:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-11T05:04:25Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother DCP-T710W Printer Driver Download. The Brother DCP-T710W installation and software. After unpacking the carton, in addition to the device itself, we will also find a board with the operator's manual, drivers and manufacturer's applications for device management and configuration. If you do not have an optical drive, you can download it from the manufacturer's website or here below. After connecting the printer with USB, the drivers install automatically.

    Print configuration
    All settings are always available before printing. To access them, you have to click in the properties. The first tab contains Basic Settings. Among the available options is the type and format of paper, print quality (fast, normal, best), orientation (vertical, horizontal) and number of copies.

    Brother DCP-T710W Printer Driver Installer
    The other options are choosing the color mode (natural and bright) and multi-page printing configuration. The individual options are provided with a help icon, which describes in an accessible way the influence of a given parameter on the printout.

    Brother DCP-T710W Drivers Download
    Brother DCP-T710W Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother DCP-T710W Download
    The second tab contains advanced settings. You can choose among others print in color or shade of gray, set the scale (range 25-400%), set the watermark, header and footer and enable the ink saving mode. Additional color settings options are also available. Each introduced change is reflected in the thumbnail. In the third tab you will find printing profiles. This tab can also be displayed first, just tick the appropriate box. The last tab is Maintenance. You can start the printhead cleaning function and initiate a sample print.

    Scan configuration
    The Control Center 4 is used to operate the scanner. Available in Home or Advanced mode. Home mode does not have all the options, but it is much better designed visually, it is also much more transparent. In the type mode, you can manage images, view them, organize and print and send. By choosing the second tab you can scan the document placed on the printer in one of three modes: text, text and pictures, photo. In advanced mode, you can change many more scan parameters. Three options are available - Image (the image is scanned and opened in the appropriate application where it can be edited and saved), E-mail (scanning to the e-mail client and sending it as an attachment without saving to disk), File (scanning and saving disk image in the selected format).

    After selecting a given option, a window opens in which you can change the scanning parameters - file type, resolution, type of scanning (black and white, gray, color), document size, automatic edge trimming, and automatic background deleting in advanced settings. The next tabs contain the printer settings and photo print configuration options in sequence.

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