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    Brother HL-L2372DN Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, September 15, 1:42:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-15T08:42:00Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother HL-L2372DN Printer Driver Download. Just connected this Brother HL-L2372DN printer and the only drawback - the printer connection cable to the computer is not included. I had one more from the old printer. Search for drivers on the Internet, plug in printers, switch on and print - done - perfect. In my opinion awesome. It can not be faster. Brother HL-L2372DN has very good installation instructions. CD instantly installs the right drivers. And you're ready to print. The typeface is perfect. Under the settings in the operating system you can change the default settings. Solid workmanship. The printing is nice and quiet. This printer is highly recommended. Network printer, compatible with pretty much all operating systems, which provides a good print image for text, and in the meantime sometimes just stands around for weeks. Accordingly, a "usable" laser printer.

    Brother HL-L2372DN Printer Driver Installer
    > Brother HL-L2372DN Setup & Usage 
    Works pretty much everything "out of the box". The initial setup on the small display, including entering the Wi-Fi password, is of course a bit fumbling. Accordingly, just let it connect to the WLAN and configure the rest via the web interface.
    Web interface, accessible via the IP address of the printer or the network environment, is surprisingly fast and intuitive. Very pleasant: the printer would also work very well for offices with smaller print volumes due to various filter & setting options. 
    Windows recognizes the printer directly without extra drivers, Linux via LPD as well, Mopria Print App for Android & iOS also easily. Some settings in the printer options may be necessary, at least automatic duplex printing, for example, was not available by default. 
    Volume is acceptable for a laser. Quiet & Eco-Mode, by default, additionally reduce it.

    Printed image, the vlt. Most important, of course, text as expected. No matter if 50 pages go through in one go, or the printer slept days and is ready to print one page - sharp and even coverage. At least I see no difference between 600, 1200, 1200HQ dpi at first glance (in texts), and Toner Saver also seems to have no real impact on the quality. 

    > Negatives 
    * DHCP issues? For some reason, after a long sleep, the printer does not work with DHCP, even if the IP is reserved, and it falls back to its fallback IP. Accordingly, communication with the printer is not possible. Assign Fixed IP, and the problem is permanently resolved. 
    * This gray case...

    Brother HL-L2372DN Drivers Download
    Brother HL-L2372DN Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother HL-L2372DN Download
    So I am enthusiastic about the Brother HL-L2372DN printer. Well, I also think that in the cassette is white paper and you can always insert individual sheets manually in a flap above, for example, a form or letterhead etc. Finally, it is not easy to connect wireless and is not overburdened with extras that are not needed. Simply good. The printer was delivered extremely fast. The driver installation is not easy. One must proceed exactly according to the information in the display. First, the language "english" must be set. then it will be easier. The printing result and the speed are impeccable. Also works without problems in the wifi and with smartphone. Very good and cheap printer.

    This Brother printer gets the full score from me. Reliable and a clean print. Even the duplex printing stands out. The Brother HL-L2372DN printer is now for 2 months with me for home use in use. Since I print a lot of black and white, my color printer was too bad for me, the cartridges cost a lot. I am surprised by the clean print result and the volume when printing. It is much quieter than my inkjet printer, you hardly hear in the next room, where I sit, that the pages print out. The only thing for which I deduct 1 star, is that I needed a very long time with the wireless connection. Somehow the device did not want to connect to the router. Only after more than 1 hour did it work. Otherwise, I am highly satisfied with the laser printer!

    1. Linux Driver Brother HL-L2372DN
    2. Driver & Software Brother HL-L2372DN for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
    3. Driver & Software Brother HL-L2372DN for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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