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    Brother MFC-J2510 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, September 8, 11:20:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-09T06:20:08Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother MFC-J2510 Printer Driver Download. The Brother MFC-J2510 was promptly delivered as usual. The Brother MFC-J2510 drivers installation was a bit fiddly with all the cartridges and parts, but not difficult. Here the explanations were consistently good and sufficiently presented. The print quality and speed is excellent. The top cover and paper cassette seem to me rather wobbly, something more stable I would have expected in the price range, but probably this is "common" today. Overall, the device meets expectations, but there are 2 points to complain about:

    Download Brother MFC-J2510 Printer Driver Installer
    I have extra looking for a device that can be connected to the "home network", so easy on a network line of the router (Speedport) and then directly from 3 different PCs and a netbook can be addressed. So after the connection I installed the software suite from the enclosed CD. It came the first surprise: it is indicated that only one license for 2 computers is included. My first thought: why I buy a network printer, if I only get a license for 2 devices to print with it? An extension of the license would cost about 50 €, quite a joke. After a call to the hotline, however, there was an all-clear. There is also the printer driver without this software package (The license refers only to the Paperport software) for download on the Brother page. With the help of the hotline, the link was found quickly. Why, however, of which there is no word in the documentation, in the software installation or elsewhere mentioned and even the "driver-only" is not the device on the CD is unexplainable to me. Cumbersome, misleading and in my view, little professional

    Brother MFC-J2510 Drivers Download
    Brother MFC-J2510 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother MFC-J2510 Download
    The printhead maintenance: yes, this technology must be well that sometime the nozzles need to be cleaned. If in the room but someone wants to sleep, it is a bit uncomfortable, if at 4 o'clock in the morning the printer suddenly comes up with the idea, he would have to clean his jets right now. The time when that happens is unfortunately random. Here also the hotline could not help. It is neither on the device nor by the software a time adjustable when the cleaning can take place or not. Had this fun occurred for the first time within 14 days, I would probably have sent the device back. Since switching off via power strip but also out of the question (too cumbersome) and lt. Support could also cause problems with clogged nozzles, I have now solved with a timer switch. Although this eliminates the nocturnal cleaning, this setting seems to me to be somewhat unfamiliar. As a device for the home user, at least in my opinion, no nocturnal disturbance should be installed by default.

    For these two criticisms I have deducted a point, for the other performance of the device, there is nothing to complain about in my view.

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