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    Brother MFC-J2720 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Saturday, September 8, 11:27:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-09T06:27:04Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother MFC-J2720 Printer Driver Download. I had a Canon, the Pixma MP980. Class print quality. When after several cleaning attempts a new print head became due, I was the 115 euros decided too much. Looking for a new printer, I came across this Brother MFC-J2720, which offered exactly the same features, and that for 168 Euro9.00 Euro) (UVP Brother) 229.00 Euro), the half price.

    1. Cartridges without chip, nevertheless level indicator 
    2. only 4 cartridges, photo-black and gray not necessary 
    3. LAN / WLAN settings foolproof 
    4. ADF for copying multiple pages (Canon has not)

    Download Brother MFC-J2720 Printer Driver Installer
    Today installed with additional programs in 2 hours and immediately copied a CD. For about a year I have an A3 printer from Brother (DCW6690) and I am very satisfied. Tip: right settings and right paper are the nuts and bolts for photo prints in A3. Unfortunately there are no A3 printers with CD printing function. Therefore, this printer replacement for the Canon. I have not regretted it in any way.

    The fact that Brother was slightly underrated by Stiftung Warentest is only due to the fact that not even the testers took into account the extensive setting options. Brothers photo print quality is in no way back from Canon. The only unpredictable is the durability and the new price of the printhead.

    Brother MFC-J2720 Drivers Download
    Brother MFC-J2720 Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother MFC-J2720 Download
    I do not need to write much about the device itself and can join the previous speakers. Basically, you also know in advance what you get when you have sufficiently informed. The part works fine as it should, the prints are (after making settings) good, whether text or image (on the included Brother photo paper and you might think it comes from the photo shop), everything is clean and good quality printed! The Brother MFC-J2720 scanning and copying functions are also satisfactory. Especially the varied menu of the all-in-one device stands out here. All functions can be conveniently operated and selected via touch screen.

    Why was there deduction in the rating? As usual, the delivery was fast and punctual, the item well packaged. In the manufacturer's packaging, however, too well packed. Here you could clearly save and pack the environmentally friendly device also environmentally friendly. Plastic waste as far as the eye can see. But what disturbed the most: On the device are unnecessary stickers on the printer cartridge compartment and next to the copy buttons.

    When removing the same both stickers were not completely gone - the bottom line: on the glossy polished surface you can now see ugly adhesive and by the tentative removal of the adhesive also scratch marks, so that part of this surface no longer shines. Also on the dull lid of the cartridge shaft.
    Why do manufacturers still have to glue their equipment with stickers?

    Pity!!! The functionality is certainly not affected, but who buys a new device, also wants it to look completely NEW. I find stickers basically disturbing and inappropriate. Therefore, and because my printer did not look new before the first use: ONLY 4 stars.

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