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    Canon Pixma MG2570 Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, September 7, 1:29:00 AM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-09-07T08:29:34Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Canon Pixma MG2570 Printer Driver Download. The Canon PIXMA MG2550 certainly is not one of the top Canon devices, but is quite sufficient for the occasional printout of a letter or the scanning of individual pages. The Canon Pixma MG2570 printer was unpacked quickly, few transport fasteners had to be solved and the ink used, then it could have started. However, a USB cable was missing. Luckily I found a suitable one in the cable box. If such a cable box is missing, you should remember to order a USB A / B cable with. Meanwhile, there are these cables for a few euros, so it could have been synonymous.

    The printer comes with a CD that includes only Windows printer drivers and programs. For the Mac you have to download the whole package on the Internet. The Canon website is not (yet) aware of MacOS X Mavericks, but the current Mountain Lion drivers are working fine so far.

    Download Canon Pixma MG2570 Printer Driver Installer
    On the loaded about 300MB image is next to the driver for the printer and the scanner also many other software that is not necessary for use on Mac OSX and the computer rather vollllllllt. Among other things, it allows access to templates for calendars, greeting cards, etc., which can be brushed up with scanned images. The templates remind me of the 90s clipart libraries. Nice also the note that the access is only possible if one uses original Canon cartridges. This software is not needed, at least under Mac OSX, because the drivers can be integrated into the system and the scanning can be done, for example, via the "Digital Images" program.

    Canon Pixma MG2570 Drivers Download
    Canon Pixma MG2570 Driver Download

    Driver Printer Canon Pixma MG2570 Download
    The print is clear. I printed on normal laserprinter paper that was slightly damp at the ink spots. Color prints on photo paper are okay, too. The built-in scanner is not the ultimate, but the scan resolution of 600x1200 is enough to print a letter or a page. The scanning process is also sufficiently fast.

    As a replacement for the included ink tanks Canon offers two different sizes, standard for 180 pages and one XL version for 400 pages in black or 180 or 300 pages in color. The supplied cartridges are the standard size. Incidentally, in the printer settings, it is also possible to set that only the black ink is used in a SW print.

    The printer can be put into a standby mode, after the completion of the print job, it goes to sleep after some time. Since the printer is near the computer as a USB printer, this is a feature that I do not need. The power switch on the top of the printer is easily accessible. Here is also a button for scanning and one each for the black and white or color copy.

    The Canon PIXMA MG2570 does exactly what you would expect from a device in this price range. As usual with all printers, it is more likely to be paid for using the ink. It will suffice for occasional printing or scanning for archival purposes. Of course, with rare printing, the question arises as to how quickly the ink heads dry up and whether the cleaning function copes with it. Turn on only when it is needed, I think great. Print quality excellent, even for photos. Scanning is easy, just like copying. For the user of only at home the normal correspondence and a little bit of research has been sufficient. 
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