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    Brother DCP-L2532DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, October 4, 1:35:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-10-04T20:35:45Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother DCP-L2532DW Printer Driver Download. The outrageous ink prices of HP have now brought me to a laser printer from Brother. Luckily! Behind this article here are different types of printers. I have those with USB connection and WLAN. The printer DCP-L2532DW is a B/W laser printer with color scanner and B/W copy function. By the color scanner one can send colored documents eg by E-Mail, but not on this printer in color print out. Of course, photo printing is not intended for this printer because of b / w. But b / w documents are printed neatly. I've activated Toner Saver mode, which makes it brighter but still prints well enough. Color laser printers are a lot more expensive and therefore we chose this printer.

    The lack of backlighting in the two-line display is just okay, but no great achievement from Brother. I use the printer both on the USB port (for PC) and via WLAN (for Notebook and AndriodTablet). Both works perfectly. Of course, the strength of the WLAN connection must be sufficient and therefore the place of installation must be well considered, if one uses WLAN instead of USB.

    Before this Brother DCP-L2532DW printer starts working, it warms up and needs about 830 watts. Of course, only for a short time. But you should know that, if there are other things on the same circuit. Because who expects that a printer draws such a performance. Which is normal with laser printers. But more important is the continuous consumption. In standby, it needs about 0.7 watts. So I do not turn it off anymore but let it switch to standby even after 1 min. Costs about 12 cents a month. (0.0007kW * 24h * 30d * 0.24ct)

    I have drivers installed on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). If you take the CD and do the full installation (MFL-Pro Suite) then everything works, but you also have a lot of crap installed. For all those who are not so well versed in EDP, that's okay. All those who want more information about the driver situation and the configuration I will give my personal notes below. I can highly recommend the printer. Should something change, eg in terms of durability or warranty promises that are not kept, you will find out here.

    Driver Download Brother DCP-L2532DW Printer
    Additional information about Brother DCP-L2532DW drivers and software:
    Driver installation info written for Win7 and printer DCP-L2520DW:

    The driver of this Brother DCP-L2532DW printer can be downloaded from here or the Brother homepage contains everything (driver for USB and WLAN, as well as ControlMonitor and StatusMonitor) and everything works, except Scan text OCR, as no OCR program is included. (Okay for me, I do not need that). On the website the download is called: "Complete Driver & Software Package" which should probably mean as much as "complete driver and software package"

    The driver on original CD (MFL-Pro Suite ) contains the same but in addition also a document management software, and others, from my point of view, unnecessary programs. (In the control panel of programs you can see the following installations: Nuance 2 times and PaperPort once). So there are also 3 programs installed and also an additional printer for the document management software.

    This works but now text OCR. However, if you install Custom Installation / MFL Suite only on the CD, then the extra programs will be gone and basically the same as the downloaded driver. If you do not need the scanning of text and conversion to a text document (OCR), then it is best to load the current driver from the homepage (called: Complete driver and software) and not the complete MFL-Pro Suite. You then save unnecessary programs on the PC. And everything you do not need to install is good for the stability and speed of the PC.

    Brother DCP-L2532DW Drivers Download
    Brother DCP-L2532DW Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2532DW Download
    Now to the Brother DCP-L2532DW driver installation: 
    If one wants to install USB and WLAN, one must carry out the installation twice. The second time you can Deselect ControlCenter and StatusMonitor, because anyway from the first installation available. Now you have but two printers the same name. So under Start / Printer go in and look under Printer Properties which port the respective printer has. Then rename and add USB or WLAN in the name, so you can later select the right printer when selecting a printer. Then necessarily restart PC. Otherwise StatusMonitor and also the copy function in ControlCenter will not find the printer. However, if you only install USB or Wi-Fi, you only get one printer and do not need to rename anything.

    Then in the tray in the bottom right in the StatusMonitor and go to "device to monitor" mark both ports (of course, only if you have USB and WLAN driver installed) Now, "StatusMonitor show" for each port the printer status are shown. If offline, it will not find the printer. eg USB cable not plugged in or PC not started after renaming.

    Then go to the right bottom of the tray in the StatusMonitor and under "Other settings". I think "never touch a running system". However, once manually "search for software updates" and install them. Then the ContolMonitor, which is also in the tray (or under Start / Programs / Brother / BrotherUtilities) open and there (if you want) the filenames and folders where to be scanned) adjust. If you have USB and WLAN installed, then you have to make the settings separately for each of the two ports. At the top of the "Model" field you can change the connection. And set it in all 4 pictures in the tab "Scan". However, the settings are only saved when you click on "Scan", ie perform a scan. The "Apply" button

    Also in the tab "device settings" there are 4 sub-tabs where you can mahen these settings. For each printer connection you have to make 8 settings. If you have USB and WLAN installed, so there are 16 settings. (Hello, are you still leaving?) The Brother DCP-L2532DW printers in the field "model" are not called as we have named them, but that with the addition LAN is the WLAN connection and that without additional LAN is the USB port.

    Under configuration / settings I have also disabled the start of the ControlCenter. I start it when I need it and have the program "Brother Utilities" from the Start menu on the desktop.

    Then Start / Devices and Printers / Right-click on Printer /
    Print Settings / Advanced and Print Profiles Activate Toner Save Mode there.
    Then get out and back in and check if it is activated. Because it was not activated even after activation. Or maybe this will be thrown out if you rename the printer. Therefore, proceed exactly as described in this description on download links below. 

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