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    Brother HL-B2080DW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Thursday, October 4, 12:47:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-10-04T19:47:53Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother HL-B2080DW Printer Driver Download. The Brother HL-B2080DW comes with its compact dimensions, is a good choice for me as a home office printer. I try to avoid unnecessary printing, but in everyday life it is still more often necessary to put something on paper. An inkjet printer like the one I used to possess was no longer suitable for my needs. The choice fell on this Brother HL-B2080DW, as its size is appropriate for my study and I expect a low consumption of toner for occasional printing. The printer makes a solid impression, installing and connecting over Wi-Fi was straightforward, and the printer is up and running quickly. The print quality is OK, for my needs it is enough. Pleasant is the fast pressure and the quiet operating noise in sleep mode, the printer is imperceptible, but is ready for use again quickly. Another advantage for me is the hidden paper cassette and finally no more dusty, bent paper. Recommended for those who occasionally print, do not want to annoy with drying cartridges and looking for a space-saving laser printer.

    Download Brother HL-B2080DW Printer Driver
    Unfortunately I could not convince the print result with inkjet printers, which is why I decided now for a laser printer. This model from Brother seemed to me to meet all requirements and offer a low price. First of all, let me say that all my expectations were fulfilled. What really got me excited about this model is that it is awarded the Blue Angel. Also, the design is appealing and, unlike many other models, not so clunky. It fits wonderful on a dresser, a shelf or similar. Thanks to the included and well-illustrated leaflet Setting up and removing the protective parts, as well as the insertion of the toner was easy. The display of the printer can already be set a lot, such as the language. With a little trial and error, these functions are conveniently explained by themselves.

    Brother HL-B2080DW Drivers Download
    Brother HL-B2080DW Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother HL-B2080DW Download
    Also practically useful is the completely invisible paper cassette. It holds 250 sheets and is almost under the printer. This keeps the paper clean and undamaged. The Brother HL-B2080DW drivers setup over the network was fast and straightforward. With the cable (attention, this is NOT included!) It took only a few minutes and we were able to print. Somewhat trickier it was with the device for the WLAN (protected network), but then worked well. However, only under Windows. Under Linux the printer works over the cable, but not over WLAN. Windows accepts both functions. Thanks to the QR code, we did not need the supplied driver CD. *Small note: It takes some time to enter the Wi-Fi password because you have to click through numbers and letters.

    The Brother HL-B2080DW  speed is sufficiently fast with approx. 2 sec / page. Even duplex printing (2-sided printing) can be set, as well as the printing of brochures. The typeface was initially slightly blurred. Here is still a little readjusted. That can be done by a few simple steps. The pressure sound is not exactly quiet and in the beginning the ink stinks extremely. Another disadvantage here is the high price of the toner. With this one gets a cheap model, which, however, is associated with relatively high follow-up costs. So if you rarely print and looking for a device that works well on Wi-Fi, this is a cheap model.

    Overall Brother HL-B2080DW is just a printer and there is no scanner with it. The WLAN function is great because you do not have to have the printer in the same room as the PC. I am also satisfied with the print results. There was no manual in German, but you can see in the attached pictures how to put the printer into operation. All in all, I'm happy.

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