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    Brother MFC-L2680W Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Friday, October 5, 6:56:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-10-06T01:56:33Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Brother MFC-L2680W Printer Driver Download. The Brother MFC-L2680W quality of the prints and scans offers little room for criticism. Duplex printing also works. An interesting little thing: Not infrequently, the on / off button is rather hidden or attached to the side of printers. Depending on the place of installation (eg in a corner) and frequency of switching on then superfluous finger acrobatics may be required. Here's the button on the left side of the main panel. Simple and effective.

    The main selling point for me was the integration via WLAN and relatively low printing costs: The Brother MFC-L2680W should be accessible for two PCs and at least one mobile device. Operating systems currently used are currently Windows 7 and Android. Traditionally, no USB cable is included, which I have purchased accordingly elsewhere. First of all, the device can be prepared by cable for WLAN operation. The device is integrated in principle like a computer (client) in an existing WLAN (so-called infrastructure mode). The access data such as name of the network (SSID) and the passphrase are automatically taken from the settings of the operating system! Tested on Windows 7. Practical, if the passphrase is a bit more complex than "123456" and you want to do without WPS.

    Driver Download Brother MFC-L2680W Printer
    During the Brother MFC-L2680W setup process, you will later be asked to disconnect the cable. After a compulsory restart, the device is then integrated into the network as well as installed on the computer. For all other computers, the device is now available in WLAN and can be installed in a much shorter procedure without cable connection! In the Android app on a tablet, I only tested the printing, which went perfectly. The configured (Windows) computers are available in the menu on the device and scans can be addressed directly to the desired computer. Of course, this way is just one way to set up the device at home. In my case I would not call the device extremely simple, but the technical possibilities are there and well implemented and that's important.

    Brother MFC-L2680W Drivers Download
    Brother MFC-L2680W Driver Download

    Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2680W Download

    Similar to professional devices, many settings are accessible via browser and web interface. For example, the data of the wireless connection. It is not unwise to visit the web interface at least once and to assign a password. Otherwise, any other curious user on the network could do that. Access to the intimate settings of an output device usually provides fun or sabotage potential.

    In at least one comment, there is talk of the WLAN connection breaking off as soon as the Brother MFC-L2680W switches to the idle state. At the moment (August 2015) I can not observe the phenomenon. At different time settings. The status of the radio connection can be recognized by the Wi-Fi button: Lights continuously, ie the connection is stopped. Printing itself from hibernation is also prompt. Suspect, the problem has either been solved or it was a defect or similar. 

    The Brother MFC-L2680W supplied toner cartridge is easily inserted and turned on. Location Germany and the language German on the display. WPS button on the router (Fritzbox) pressed, WIFI button on the Brother MFC-L2680W printer pressed and push was the printer in the home network (a USB cable was not needed!). In the laptop (Win 8.1-64 bit), the printer appeared right in the network environment. After that, install the printer driver from the CD on the laptop (the full package). Here I had problems to address the printer, it was permanently offline. Laptop restarts and the printer drivers completely re-installed over it. Then this Brother MFC-L2680W printer was immediately accessible - print, scan and copy everything great. The expression is good.

    Reason for my purchase was that on my "ink pisser" the print head was dried. I just own occasional printers, scanners and copiers. So far, I'm impressed by the printer and hence the full score.

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