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    Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW Driver Download

    Steve Mccarthy
    Sunday, October 7, 12:59:00 PM GMT-5 Last Updated 2018-10-07T19:59:22Z
    Scanning and Printer Support
    Samsung SL-C460FW Printer Driver Download. I love this printer! Above all, he was very easy to install for me. Had previously tried with others and who was impossible for me as a layman to install. Super quality! I'm very happy with the printer, just ordering the toner, it has not worked, they are also very expensive. I have the Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW once in Germany, now in France. Cheap price, fast delivery, well packed. I already knew the good quality of the device.

    The Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW print quality is convincing, I already knew that from the test results. But I am also very satisfied with the easy-to-use scanner software. The thing swallows up all the heap heaps and transforms them into PDF files without any hiccups (if desired, a single or multiple page documents in one file.) That's the way it should be - a help at work, but the nice print quality will soon require new toner. Then when toner purchase price I praise anything.

    Driver Download Samsung SL-C460FW Printer
    Goods, price, delivery, communication in the best way. Excellent multifunction printer, super compact and very cheap. Easy Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW drivers installation (with CD everything runs automatically) and operation. Best copy, scan and print quality. For me, who only occasionally have something to print, etc., the right device. Thank you! After getting into trouble with my inkjet printers (dried ink, exchanging printheads), I have now allowed myself this color laser printer. Easy setup, well, except for the fax device over IP, but after a short time trying around also worked. The display could be really lit and synonymous be a little bigger but I'm so far with the device super satisfied and I will report if the first error opens up.

    I already have the Samsung CX 3300, so I ordered a second for friends. I am very satisfied with that, I had to print a lot with it. Printing from the PC via wifi works without problems, but if I want to send a scan to the PC, I have an error message. What am I doing wrong?

    Samsung SL-C460FW Drivers Download
    Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW Driver Download

    Printer Driver Samsung SL-C460FW Download
    I'm still excited about the Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW. Scan to PC, WLAN function everything works very easy. Only the toners are very expensive for the quite small content. My old Samsung color laser was cheaper because of maintenance. And after a lot of problems with my inkjet printers, I bought the multi-color laser printer. To this day, the device runs smoothly and the trouble with dried ink or printer heads, I do not remember. Who wants to print beautiful photos, should anyway use a photo lab.

    Now I have the Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW for about 6 months in use and are satisfied. Prints nice and relatively fast. For domestic use completely sufficient and even photos that you can print the same via App are in usable quality (of course, no fog quality but for fast prints ok) Toner was included in the delivery and toner is still holding, I can only recommend the printer Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW.

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